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  1. KsslrJms98

    Worklog TinyTendo - an absurd NES handheld

    This sounds absolutely fantastic.
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    RVLoader v1.6

    Okay, thank you!
  3. KsslrJms98

    RVLoader v1.6

    Anyone having issues with GC2WIIMote restarting the system when trying to map extensions (Nunchuck, Classic Controller, etc?)
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    Glass Gboy for sale [sold]

    Ill buy it. Still waiting on my GBoy kit (no forced refund yet), so this will be good to check out the inner workings. How does this work, never got something from the selling forum before.
  5. KsslrJms98

    My first Gameboy Macro!

    This is the second project I completed for console modding! This is a Gameboy Macro with a metal housing from Boxy Pixel that I put together as a Xmas present for my brother, who is currently stationed on the SS Theodore Roosevelt as a Navy Nuclear Engineer (I dont think thats his official...
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    Secret Santa 2020: Post your gifts here!

    So a huge shoutout to my Secret Santa, @Shank! He gave me 4 wiis, 2 4board amd 2 6board, 4 sets of awg, shielded wire, a GC+, a set of resin cast Gamecube buttons, and what looks like a keychain inspired by the Gamecube Joycons! As someone whos only gotten into the portablizing scene really...
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    Question MiSTER FPGA?

    So I have been hearing a few things about something called the MiSTER FPGA....what exactly is it? I know its used for retro gaming, but outside of that, I know almost nothing, but I am really curious about it.
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    Question What to do with GBA

    Oohh, nice! Im already using a glass lens, but Ill keep this in mind for later! Planning on building another one for my brother for Christmas.
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    Question What to do with GBA

    IT IS DONE! Althugh I may need to reopen it eventually. The guy who owned it before me busted a fuse on the mobo, and didnt replace it, he just bridged it with solder. Everything seems to he working fine now, but I will be keeping my eye on it for the forseeable future.
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    Discussion Share your pets

    Well, lets hope Oreo doesnt grab the soldering iron. We dont need this irl.
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    Question What to do with GBA

    After some consideration, I think Ill make this GBA the Ultimate GBA Machine (Metal shell/buttons, rechargeable battery, etc), mostly because the consolizing kit is out of stock at the moment T_T. This is what Im currently looking at in terms of shell/buttons, courtesy of BoxyPixel
  12. KsslrJms98

    Question What to do with GBA

    So, I managed to get my hands on an original model Gameboy Advance, and I am trying to decide what I do with it. I have it narrowed down to two options. The first, is consolize it, giving it HDMI out and a controller port to play GBA games on a tv. The other option is a full on upgraded handheld...
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    Discussion Share your pets

    I know, the ironys so thick, Tony Starks making a new suit out of it.
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    Discussion Share your pets

    It has been a while, but I thought I would introduce the newest member of the family, Peach! She has been here for about 2 weeks now, and is usually very shy. I got her from a friend of my sisters who found her abandoned outside of a dentists office. She has taken a liking to Bowser, but she is...
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    Worklog First Project

    It's been a while since my last post, so I thought it would be good to provide an update. -I ordered a 3D Printer (Ender 3 Pro) to use to make the case for the Wii Miicro, and I started the trimming until the mandrel that came with the rotary tool broke (Off to Amazon to get a better one) -I...
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    Model [Guide / Release] Noldendo Wii Miicro

    Yes. The Wii needs the U10 to boot, so relocation is necessary.
  17. KsslrJms98

    Question U10 trace help

    This is my 1st U10 relocation, I am using a 6layer board since its the only one I have, I wanted to do the relocation before trimming so I could make sure it still worked, but I cant find the trace I need to cut that the guide points out. Does that mean there isnt one there, or is it just hidden...
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    Question What material is best?

    I am placing an order for an Ender 3 pro, and wanted to know if there was a preferred filament for portable cases, like ABS, PLA, etc.
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    Model [Guide / Release] Noldendo Wii Miicro

    So, Im putting together my DigiKey order, and the only things I have left are the barrel jack and power supply, and I'm not quite sure I understand how the measurements work. In the guide, what does the 8mm mean for the barreljack, is that the outer diameter, the depth? I just want to make sure...