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  1. insestito

    PS2 Ultra Slim

    I am on the same situation... Impossible to get an 7900x on Spain... Only 50,70,77, and 9000x versions... Check the official post on PSX-place
  2. insestito

    PS2 Ultra Slim

    Okay mate, i will check it... I'm searching for a 79000k ps2 for make the operation because mine is a 77000 and motherboard is different
  3. insestito

    PS2 Ultra Slim

    There are some parts that are printed wrong on the bottom of the case, I attach photos
  4. insestito

    PS2 Ultra Slim

    This mod can work with 79000k motherboard? Thanks op!!!!!!
  5. insestito

    Discussion How "clone/scan" RS97 case for improve for 3D print? I need ideas

    Hello modders! I want to scan the casing of the RS97 to make it a little bigger on the back and put a logo like "GAMEBOY ADVANCE 2" or something like that... and for print in other colors, like the original purple Gameboy Advance... what do you recommend? It has to be some precision to be able...
  6. insestito

    Worklog An attempt to recreate the PS2 PCB

    Awesome project... I hope this go Forward!