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    The Best Theme of All Time

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    Solved Will this be a safe Wii trim?

    Looks good, but to be safe I would always recommend trimming a little bit outside the line. Also make sure to tape gpu CPU and ram
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    Question Problem with resistances

    You might need to sand more at the top edge of the board
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    Discussion Favorite?

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    New GBoy Build

    I would look out for a 4 layer Wii: .Also when you are trimming I would recommend to tape over the chips, so no dust gets under the CPU, GPU and RAM.
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    Question Two motherboards, one display, change which one is showing with a switch?

    KVM Vga switches should work, but they are very big
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    Worklog Yet, another portable Wii

    Not the same cells, but the brand is the same
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    Worklog Yet, another portable Wii

    Please do not buy those batteries, they are used and rewrapped samsung cells
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    Worklog Yet, another portable Wii

    I would remove the Gamecube Memory Slots before trimming
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    Worklog Combining all my consoles into one case

    ngb: nostalgia gaming box
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    Question Building a Portable Wii : 4Layer's PCB Shortage

    I just took a little look at the differences in the i2c registers, there are some changes, but nothing that's too big. Reg01 and Reg3 were changed much, the other changes are minor.(e.g. Reg0C the NTC_FAULT got more sates) I would recommend to definitely use the BQ25898D over the BQ25898...
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    Question Building a Portable Wii : 4Layer's PCB Shortage

    Yes, the componets should work. But you would need to replace the pic with an other model or battery gauge(I don't know if the BQ needs i2c to work)
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    Question Building a Portable Wii : 4Layer's PCB Shortage

    You would need to redesign parts of the pcb to work with the ISL8014AIRZ-T7A
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    Worklog There still a light………

    This is one of the best 2s cmbs: It has all protections and it has a charger build into it, this means you can charge it with 9-15V
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    Worklog Making a Dedicated Music Player

    Yes 100% possible. Try to learn Kicad and Fusion
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    ashida case printing

    The front will fit into 220mmx220 printers, but if you print the back diagonally it will be to close to the edge. You would need to print like Tropper348 :
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    Worklog Andrew’s G-Wii Worklog

    Yes just like this. You could also use a terminal block to connect them so its a little bit safer, but it's not really a big difference
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    Worklog Some sort of a G-Wii

    You can remove them but you don't have to. If you remove them use the twist of method
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    Worklog Ashida Worklog (First WII Portable)

    If you use the Wii-Hud mode or the Wii digital mode, It should work fine
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    Worklog Andrew’s G-Wii Worklog

    What are the voltages of 5v, 3v3, 1v, 1v15?