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  1. PoposPizza

    Secret Santa 2023: Post your gifts here!

    Thanks to whoever sent me this game! Only problem… I don’t own a PS4 ATM!! Quick trip to the pawn shop solved that issue lol.
  2. PoposPizza

    Secret Santa 2022: Post your gifts here!

    I may be late, but I wanted to post my secret Santa gifts here! I’m not sure who mine was, as there was no name on a package or note, but they gave me 4 older iPhones and a VHS tape thing! They sure as hell read my interests lol
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    I subscribed to this creators patreon and all their content went missing... Should I stop paying or wtf is going on here
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    Unreal Engine?

  5. PoposPizza

    Unreal Engine?

    I read somewhere that a lot of PS2 games ran on UE2 and I was wondering if a version with PS2 compile compatibility built in somewhere on the internet??
  6. PoposPizza

    Question Having trouble connecting wavebird to switch with off brand adapter

    I bought a wavebird a while back so I could compete in my schools super smash bros team, and I am just now trying to set it up on the switch… the wired controllers work fine on my adapter but the wavebird isn’t. Any tips?
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    BitBuilt's 2021 Summer Building Competition

    We all have to start somewhere in any console being portable-ized
  8. PoposPizza

    BitBuilt's 2021 Summer Building Competition

    Not kidding I’m serious the ps4 board is pretty small but wide, so it will be a pretty big one but still a portable, I’m going to use 8 18650 batteries to get at least a little bit of play time out of the thing, stack the batteries on top of the board, and have another layer for the controller...
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    BitBuilt's 2021 Summer Building Competition

    Am I allowed to do 2 entries for the contest? Was unsure bc wanted to make ps4 portable and ps2
  10. PoposPizza

    Question gamecube for sale?

    Hi, I am looking for a Gamecube for cheap, because I am trying to get some experience in repairing game cubes, so if you know if there is a broken GameCube for sale somewhere? Thanks
  11. PoposPizza

    Question Wii won’t boot

    IDE cable
  12. PoposPizza

    Question Wii won’t boot

    it also seems my wii's CPU and GPU get warm over time so is it just my tv?
  13. PoposPizza

    Question Wii won’t boot

    My trimmed Wii won’t boot, and I know you will tell me “you need to install WiFi patches”, I did that and even tested it with both WiFi and Bluetooth removed before my trim, and it worked fine, does anybody know what’s wrong with my Wii?
  14. PoposPizza

    Question wii trim

    i trimmed my wii and I am wondering if I need to wire up a power button?
  15. PoposPizza

    BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    I cant seem to get this to work, I cant disable wifi because I cannot access the installer, and when I try to load games, hiidra says it cant load kernel, any idea how to fix this?
  16. PoposPizza

    BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    Hey! I need some help here, I bought a usb flash drive, and I can only format it to exFAT or NTFS will either of those work? or does it just have to be fat32
  17. PoposPizza

    Question Does anybody know when RVL-PSU will be in stock again?

    Does anybody know when RVL-PSU will be in stock again?
  18. PoposPizza

    Question Would it be possible to put a Wii inside a GameCube case?

    you should use the ribbon connector to solder to so its not so hard to solder to the actual cable.
  19. PoposPizza

    BitBuilt's Rank Guide

    lol you should give yourself every rank including banned just to be funny