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  1. redfire

    Question GameCube emulator equivalent spec

    Nice one mate. I'll have a look on there too. Big up for the advice, thank you
  2. redfire

    Question GameCube emulator equivalent spec

    I'm aware of the basic premise of emulation, and that IS a great analogy too mate, though not quite what I was asking. Biggup for the reply. Everyone on this site is helpful and forthcoming, which Is quite refreshing for an online forum I guess I could've written my original post more...
  3. redfire

    Question GameCube emulator equivalent spec

    Hi, so the GameCube has a power pc 486, running at 900mhz, and a GPU, running at 162(?)MHz Would I need an equivalent pc, to be running at least them specs or am I missing something??
  4. redfire

    Question Level loading Retroarch PC

    Hi, I seem to have a problem with emulated games, esp GameCube and PS1. I'll get to a level end, and it'll freeze, and crash out to Windows rather than loading next level. What are some common causes of this, if any?? (Edit: quite new, so forgive if this is an easy or noob question)
  5. redfire

    Pi Monitor Screen "VGA" port?

    this may be a dumb comment, but there are mini hdmi to vga adaptors, however im assuming you want some of the VGA format specs rather than it being transcoded from hdmi? (apologies, im defo a noob in terms of console mods etc)
  6. redfire

    Discussion Ideas, questions, etc, Post em here!

    Quick one, If I wanted to emulate Dreamcast and Saturn, what system would you recommend as a base?As I wanna case it in with a Pi and a Wii for some kinda super emulation box.
  7. redfire

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Redfire from Lancashire UK. Here to mod a Wii, and get back into the gaming from my youth, with a bit of help. Really glad the JBing / modding / vintage scene is still STRONG!!