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    Console Modding/Electronics Urban Legends?

    True, but those are board-spanning devices - and the chips themselves don't have any solder joints. Nobody really knows why this works (or doesn't, it's not very proven) which is what makes it (and other kinds of rumors) so fascinating.
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    Console Modding/Electronics Urban Legends?

    I've purchased a C64 with a semi-broken VIC-2 and SID chip, and while researching potential methods of spinning them back up, I came across the curious method of baking them in an oven to potentially restore functionality. This seems janky, to say the least, and isn't backed by anything but...
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    Worklog [2022 Contest Entry] The SNESpectrum

    Small update, since I haven't had much time to work on this at all! This project was envisioned from the start to use a 15khz VGA signal instead of composite. However, I can't seem to get Vsync out of the chip no matter what I do! Looks like I have to order another one of those, too... Other...
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    Worklog [2022 Contest Entry] The SNESpectrum

    I've decided to toss my hat into the ring this year, and put into execution an idea I've had floating around my head for a little while - a portable SNES, with 2 wired but detachable controllers - almost like the Switch. The "Spectrum" part is subject to change, but I chose it because I wanted...
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    Worklog TinyTendo - an absurd NES handheld

    Well, there's the CPU and PPU explained... DIP surgery is magic to my ape brain, lol. But how are you planning on doing NES carts on a portable with the form factor of a gameboy?
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    Worklog Super NOTendo

    Do these PNPs have any extra space in the cartridge shell? If there's enough room, passing all the controller inputs through NOT gates (or some other cart-side circuitry) might work
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    Worklog Super NOTendo

    This is such a cool project! I know that the SNES board is fried and that there isn't much use for it otherwise, but wouldn't it be possible to just use a cartridge connecter with a mounting bracket? Or does keeping the SNES motherboard make mounting exterior ports easier?
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    Question Cheap SNES clone chips?

    I'm looking to mod an SNES but don't want to make the commitment of cutting an SNES Jr. quite yet, so I've decided to use a clone in its place for prototyping purposes. Only problem is, I don't have a clone. Does anybody have any recommendations for clone SNES chips? Ideally single-chip or...
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    Worklog I'm building the Nintendo Switch U

    Hey, I saw your reddit post! Do you plan on moving the speakers, or cutting new holes for them?
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    Question Super famicom trim?

    If you want to make a SFC/SNES portable, you'll want to get a 1Chip motherboard (a later, more compact revision). The original motherboard has a few obstacles to trimming - too many discrete chips, and the audio circuit make the resulting trim pretty bulky. 1CHIP motherboards are found in later...
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    PCii Mk Absol

    Finally, a use for discarded Wii cases! Awesome build, but why did you use the eject button as power versus, say the power button?
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    The Bitbuilt Conspiracy Iceberg

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    Worklog Real Boy

    It's been so long that an update would be necroposting lol But we. Need. Updates!
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    Discussion French Fries on Burgers? (And Other Weird Food Combinations)

    SnackerBilly has arrived. Hide your cookies. In other news, I like barbecueue sauce on rice. But that's not too weird. How about - soy sauce on meat?
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    Late night modding

    I'm pretty sure there's a pin that you can solder to the 4th lead of the audio jack to automatically switch between headphones and speaker output, on the pinout for the charge port. Second from left, I think? Unless the switch setup is intentional, which is pretty neat.
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    Worklog Sushii

    That's a lot of test prints, I hope you're able to get it by the deadline! But you forgot the most important thing yet: A name!
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    Worklog DIY Concept UFO

    It looks even better in person! How did you manage the passive cooling?
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    Worklog Sushii

    Looks like stitches "procrastinated"(but not really) on the year-end project and is now pulling the equivalent of 3 consecutive all-nighters to finish
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    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    By "Mod my PSVita", it sounds like you're trying to gut a PSVita and put the Super Nintendo board inside, completely replacing it - at that point, it might be less effort to make the case and controls from scratch. But if you really are going to go ahead with it, you'll need an SNES (SNESJRs are...