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  1. Skibub28

    Eyoyo 16:9 y/pb/pr screen?

    Does anyone still have one of the old y/pb/pr compatible 16:9 eyoyo screens that they'd be willing to sell? If so dm me and we'll discuss price If anyone has found any 16:9 alternatives to the eyoyo for ps2 portables yet it would be very appreciated if you would post your findings here? Edit...
  2. Skibub28

    Question Bluetooth Module broke off my Wii (help)

    There is one pad that got ripped off. (Top second one on the left.) So at least that one will have to be wired to the via.
  3. Skibub28

    Question What 3d printer is big enough to print the ashida

    That depends in your print settings and your definition of "decent enough". O originally started with an fdm printed shell but upgraded to an sls one, and it feels a lot better. However, if you are willing to put in the time to sand and fill an fdm printed one then you can end up with a shell...
  4. Skibub28

    Question Ashida Final Touches

    Yeah, when I was building mine I scraped the thermal pads off, realized that I needed them, and ended up digging the mush that remained out of my garbage can and squishing it back into place to form new thermal pads.
  5. Skibub28

    Worklog Indigo Ashida Wii

    I managed to fix my video lines and get this thing closed up. When running games it works just fine, however it tends to freeze while I'm in reloaded, making it really hard to configure gc2wiimote or change the settings. Any clue on what could be causing this issue and how to fix it?
  6. Skibub28

    Worklog Indigo Ashida Wii

    I got vga wired up. Which video wires would I have switched up if I'm getting blue instead of white? Edit: Also gonna add this question here. Will it work if you use the mx chip from a different wii?
  7. Skibub28

    Worklog Indigo Ashida Wii

    I'd already reformatted it once, but this time I used guiformat and it worked. Thanks Stitches.
  8. Skibub28

    Worklog Indigo Ashida Wii

    So I got a new wii and am working on installing rvLoader but I keep getting the error : Error 6 cannot open scripts/topbar.lua: No such file or directory. However when I go to rvloader/themes/main/scripts the topbar.lua file is still there. Any clue on how to fix this? Am I doing something...
  9. Skibub28

    Worklog Indigo Ashida Wii

    In that case, there are no shorts. edit: (At least with any of the voltages.)
  10. Skibub28

    Worklog Indigo Ashida Wii

    Here's the link to my resistances, they changed between the first time I built this, and this time, (especially at 3.3v) but user Stitches said that it should be fine. Just wondering, but would it still...
  11. Skibub28

    Worklog Indigo Ashida Wii

    Good news, I got it switched to AV. Bad news, still no video output. I went and double checked voltages while it was running, and those were all fine. I've ordered another wii just in case, but if anyone can come up with any other possible fixes, that would be appreciated. It really sucks...
  12. Skibub28

    Worklog Indigo Ashida Wii

    Ok that's good to know, I had no clue you had to do that manually but it makes a lot of sense.
  13. Skibub28

    Worklog Indigo Ashida Wii

    I've decided to finally star keeping a worklog if the ashida I've been working on for the last year. I've technically already completed it once but is didn't reach the standard I wanted and it stopped working. The main reason I've started this thread is to have a single place to post all my...
  14. Skibub28

    Worklog Wii top/portable advice welcome

    If going on ebay make sure you find one with a broken disc drive, it's generally cheaper and will give that wii a new life.
  15. Skibub28

    Guide Wii Trim Resistances

    So I've decided to start over on my Ashida after some issues including video no longer outputting popping up. (It had been working until I opened it up to fix a sound wire that had come loose.) When I went to re-check the resistances most were much lower than when I checked on the same board...
  16. Skibub28

    [FS] Squishy Tacts (SKEYAJA010) & Dual-Action Tacts (TMHF07)

    Do you still have the squishy tacts? I'm interested in buying a bag of 100.
  17. Skibub28

    Selling tesla batteries

    I'd like to know, what are the benefits of using Tesla LiPo batteries over any other ones?
  18. Skibub28

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Nice, I love the reference.
  19. Skibub28

    cy's $40 3d printing service

    For a minute I thought the Ashida was a render, but then I looked closer and saw the layer lines. Amazing Prints
  20. Skibub28

    Looking for extra Ashida shell.

    I was wondering if anyone had an extra SLA, MLF, or SLS Ashida shell that they'd be willing to sell since I want a nicer shell than what I can 3D print my self but It's pricey to get it from pcbway or jlcpcb. I was thinking around $70 but if you have one feel free DM me and we can try to find a...