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  1. Kirbo

    Guide The Definitive Wii U Trimming Guide

    It's finally done. This is amazing.
  2. Kirbo

    Ashida Wii Portable

    What are the dimensions of the Ashida?
  3. Kirbo

    Worklog [2023 Contest Entry] G-Boy Advance (tentative name)

    This is amazing, I love the gba if u can pull this off, which I really hope u can, please post the files because when I get more experienced I am more than willing to try this :)
  4. Kirbo

    Question Modders, What Got You Into Modding?

    I have always been fond of the wii since its what me and my siblings grew up playing on. Its virtual console introduced me into snes games that I really enjoyed. Games like Super Mario World and Castlevania IV. I stopped playing Nintendo console games until I got a switch and then a gba that I...
  5. Kirbo

    Discussion Drawings

    My bad I meant dead space
  6. Kirbo

    Discussion Drawings

    One is unfinished
  7. Kirbo

    Discussion Drawings

    These were inspired by dead cells
  8. Kirbo

    Discussion Drawings

    Nice drawings :)
  9. Kirbo

    Worklog [2022 Contest Entry] αSNES

    Are you planning to make this open-source.
  10. Kirbo

    Worklog Nintendo Vegas

    Yeah I would gladly donate a couple wiis to the cause if this is open source because this is amazing.
  11. Kirbo

    G-wii Streams

    O that is quite unfortunate.
  12. Kirbo

    G-wii Streams

    I'm trying to decide whether to build a g-wii or an Ashida and I can't find any g-wii build streams on youtube or when I looked it up all I got was a worklog made by noah and he took his livestream down. Does anyone know of any still up.
  13. Kirbo

    Worklog My first ever build: the ashida

    Looking really cool :))
  14. Kirbo

    G-Boy PCB Files?

    That sound great really excited for this project :). Will you try to work with 4layer tech to make another set of parts like the Ashida?
  15. Kirbo

    4layertech products

    Thanks :)
  16. Kirbo

    4layertech products

    I am not on it where is the link?
  17. Kirbo

    4layertech products

    Thats great :)
  18. Kirbo

    4layertech products

    Does anyone know when the PMS-PD 2 come back in stock?
  19. Kirbo

    G-Boy PCB Files?

    Thanks :)
  20. Kirbo

    Worklog N64SP take2

    Dang :(