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  1. Worklog Retro Frame

    okay doing some rough calculations if all of the ICs were active at once it would draw 3 amps, however only certain ICs would be active depending on the use case, for example if one only had the SBC active as an emulator it would draw 800 mA. or if a console was attached and used instead it...
  2. Worklog Retro Frame

    Regarding the RTD2660 I am planning to just harvesting the IC from the control board that comes with eyoyo 5inch lcd. As for the power draw I still need to do more calculations before I have a rough idea.
  3. Worklog Retro Frame

    This is the Schematic for the board, note I still need to find and assign multiple values for components
  4. Worklog Retro Frame

    The goal of this project is to create an all in one PCB that would provide everything needed to create a portable console. The board will include all of the common components featured in portables. As it uses many open source projects as references, credits will be listed in the description or...
  5. Worklog The Avarice

    Thinking over what Y2K said, and reviewing what I actually need from the raspberry pi. I'll switch from a cm4 to a zero W and mount it on its edge length wise. I'll will have to make the handheld slightly thicker to around 34mm but this will give me 28mm below the screen which looking at other...
  6. Worklog The Avarice

    Yea that would be smart, this is more of a shoot for the stars type deal, I've been thinking the same thing, so every thing will be modular the Wii will be on its own , as well as the N64 which I'll try my hand at a 3x3 design if it fails it won't effect the whole thing, the PS2 is just too big...
  7. Worklog The Avarice

    It was originally just going to be an Rpi handheld but I noticed I had roughly an extra 15mm so I figured I could fit a Wii in there as well. Thermals will be an issue I thinking of 4 15x15mm fans mounted vertically pulling air from the holes near the triggers and pushing it of the top. This...
  8. Worklog The Avarice

    -An overview- I've taken inspiration from multiple users, a lot of them have shown just how small/thin handhelds can get. After flipping back in forth about what I wanted I've decided to be greedy (hence the name) and combine multiple consoles in one handheld. A raspberry pi cm4 will take care...
  9. Question Will xbox 360 pots work with the gc+

    Thank you
  10. Question Will xbox 360 pots work with the gc+

    I'm hoping to use the triggers from an xbox 360 controller after modifying them with extra buttons for digital input.
  11. Question Swapping the cpu?

    ah ok thanks guess I had bad information
  12. Release A Kicad part to help with pcb design

    Oh and sorry I'd like to thank everyone that helped put together the Wii compendium. Without it I wouldn't have been able to make it
  13. Question Swapping the cpu?

    I read that the Broadway cpu is just a PowerPc 750CL overclocked to 1.5 times. Could this be swapped for a stock PowerPc 750CL and then overclocked? I believe one of the biggest deterrents to more custom PCB motherboard is the difficulty in removing and reballing the bga parts, and since the ram...
  14. Release A Kicad part to help with pcb design

    I've been inspired by all of the new pcb designs, so I thought I'd give it a try too. I read in thedrew's thread that he used peak through to help with this but that didn't work well for me, so i traced the main section of the wii and saved it as a bitmap then turned it into a Kicad part. I then...
  15. BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    hello, long time lurker ready to make my first portable