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  1. Worklog Ashida Worklog (First WII Portable)

    Alot has happened since last post. I got my case and soldered the pms lite and the pms pd. I wired up the battery contacts and then soldered them to b+ and b-. I soldered in the fan as well and it was working fine. The next day i was showing my little sister, but instead of it turning on the 2R2...
  2. Worklog Ashida Worklog (First WII Portable)

    Update: I let the solder on the 1v lines flow for a bit longer and checked the resistances again. Luckily the resistance went from 8 oms on Wednesday to 40 oms today. I got lucky there hopefully my board is fine for now Also my dad bought me some joystick boxes and the 21700 batteries and my...
  3. Worklog "We can rebuild him, make him better, compact, and... a Gamecube controller" - Ashida Worklog

    I’m pretty sure for the bluetooth traces, scratching the board is to just get rid of the soldermask so you can solder directly to the traces.
  4. Worklog Yet, another portable Wii

    yeah i meant 0.1mm wire sorry lol
  5. Worklog Yet, another portable Wii

    1mm wire should work to my knowledge.
  6. Worklog Ashida Worklog (First WII Portable)

    I trimmed my Wii and got my resistances, however when looking at the 1v resistance, it seems to be very low. I think this is due to applying too much heat when soldering my rvl ntc. Even though the resistance is very low, should the ntc still be able to run?
  7. Question Blue Driver Board Pinouts

    Look at the bottom of the board. It tells you what pin is what.
  8. Worklog Ashida Worklog (First WII Portable)

    Got a new 128 to usb along with 28 and 38 awg wire and also a wire stripper (obviously for the 28 awg wire). I’m going to start testing everything and wiring up the wii.
  9. Question I need help with the bt module

    There is a guide on Youtube that shows how to relocate the bluetooth module, just skip to the bluetooth relocation part.
  10. Looking for any Wii or GC portables.

    Yeah. sometimes it takes a while to restock. Also the diagrams for the 4layer boards are on the 4layertech website.
  11. Looking for any Wii or GC portables.

    If you can’t find any portables to buy, I definitely recommend building the Ashida. It’s incredibly friendly to beginners like me and I’m now currently building one. Here’s the link to the Ashida if you want to take further look into it...
  12. RVLoader v2.0

    When i plug in my USB rvloader doesn't show up in home-brew channel . Why is this happening? Edit: I fixed the problem.
  13. RVLoader v2.0

    Homebrew Channel is not detecting RVLoader from my Sandisk Cruzer Blade. Is there anyway to fix this?
  14. Question Am I missing anything important?

    The Ashida doesn’t use 18650 lithium batteries, they use 21700 lithium batteries.
  15. Worklog Ashida Worklog (First WII Portable)

    I double checked them and they are fine and aren’t touching :) EDIT: This may be a silly question, but do i have to desolder these connectors from the driver board?
  16. Solved Portable feature implementation

    Kind of like the PII WII, where shank put the ir leds on the bottom.
  17. Worklog Ashida Worklog (First WII Portable)

    Soldered the GC + 2.0. Are my solder joints looking good?
  18. Worklog Ashida Worklog (First WII Portable)

    I have soldered the UAMP to the Ashida pcb, but I have one question. Does it matter if IR and IL solder joints are connected?
  19. Worklog Ashida Worklog (First WII Portable)

    My 4Layer Tech boards have arrived so I thought i should make a worklog so i can document my build in the near future when i get my others parts. I shall now wait.....
  20. Ashida Wii Portable

    When wiring up your portable, how do you know what wires you use for each joint?