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  1. JustinTime007

    [Group Buy] $25 3.5" 640*480 VGA/HDMI LCD

    Would love 2 as well!
  2. JustinTime007

    480 Screen Question

    Ok so I figured it out I was curious where the short could have possibly been, so I cut the trace leading from the barrel jack to the step down converter. Upon probing I learned that it was on the side of the step down converter. Along that trace was a resistor, circled here in purple: I...
  3. JustinTime007

    480 Screen Question

    I just got the recommended 480p screen in today and when I went to put it into my portable I determined that the pin circled in red should be connected to 5v and the one in yellow should be connected to ground: Wired it up and nothing! I checked and it seems that all three of the pins are...
  4. JustinTime007

    Worklog Reviive - PPI Portable Brought Back From The Dead (CrazyGadget Takeover)

    As an avid follower of the original post of this project, I am so jazzed about this and can't wait to see it finally functioning - you'll have to bring it to MGC this year
  5. JustinTime007

    Worklog Black Ashida

    Can't wait for the final reveal brother it's going to be super sexy
  6. JustinTime007

    Worklog My Wii WaveBird

    @tanakorn its looking awesome it’s hard to frankencase and get things looking perfect and it’s awesome that you are doing it. Looks great my guy
  7. JustinTime007

    Ashida Wii Portable

    @DeathGamer21 I'm not sure where you're having the trouble so I'll break this down very simple for you, You'll probably want a computer, as it typically is easier to navigate files on a computer rather than a tablet. Also some computers do not recognize the portable as a usb device. I can...
  8. JustinTime007

    4Layer Product Line Update

    It is very very unlikely that the Ashida will be sold as a kit - however, Wesk has made it very simple to make. He has provided all of the 3D files that can be printed online with websites like PCBWay, and a full updated BOM with links to every product. It is as close to being a kit as it can...
  9. JustinTime007

    Question Weird screen issue

    I believe this picture is originally from Gman, but then Wesk posted it in another thread. It looks like you are using this driver board. The one pictured is really torn apart and I don't think you need to go this crazy as long as you are using this same board you should only need 3v3 in this...
  10. JustinTime007

    Ashida Cookies and Criim

    The Cookies and Criim Starting out, I want to give a shoutout to @Wesk seeing as he designed the project. Great job my dude and thanks for all the pointers and help for the entirety of this journey. Wesk's Ashida thread can be found here...
  11. JustinTime007

    G-Wii Yellow *Pikmin Edition

    I was so excited when I first saw you working on this great job Caleb you really nailed it the artwork on the back is so clean and fresh no wonder Nintendo copied your design *wink*
  12. JustinTime007

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hey man not sure if you’ve found what you were looking for but we’re here to help!
  13. JustinTime007

    Worklog G-Wii Yellow

    Lol I had the same reaction over the Cookies and Criim Ashida - several people asking how to make one and I was like you have no idea the rabbit hole you're trying to enter right now Great work my guy!
  14. JustinTime007

    Worklog Cookies and Criim Ashida

    Thanks @CalebPikmin! I might have a picture of the internals somewhere from a while ago but not anything recent but no I don't think I ever twisted them together because I only have one color of magnet wire I just ran them all close together. I'm not sure if that is supposed to help picture...
  15. JustinTime007

    Worklog Cookies and Criim Ashida

    Thanks wesk! Good point with lifting the joystick cap. It’s a little loose because it’s third party but I remember seeing somewhere that people would put a tiny ball of tin foil in the hole for the stickbox to elevate the joystick so I’ll do that to help. I should have this on the cutting edge...
  16. JustinTime007

    Worklog Cookies and Criim Ashida

    Ok! So I found the problem to my previous question.. First I wired the controller PCBs straight to the Wii motherboard instead of pulling it from the screen and it started working!... kind of... It would still flick on and off, so I ended up wiring two more 3v3 points to the controller (3 in...
  17. JustinTime007

    Worklog Cookies and Criim Ashida

    So I went and ordered a new driver board for the screen and when it came I wired it up and it looks beautiful now! I am having a problem and from what I understand it is a little bit common. The options for the GC+2.0 constantly flick on and off whenever I am on settings, and it happens as well...
  18. JustinTime007

    Worklog Advents Project Emporium

    You're doing a great job dude absolutely killing it we impressed with your work from all over the globe
  19. JustinTime007

    Discussion Inside an AliExpress Wii Portable

    Does anyone know where I can find the stl files for this?? :rothink: But yeah that thing is quite the beast with plenty of empty space. The way the battery covers are attached makes me feel weird, not that they are planning on anyone taking one apart but something feels weird about how they're...