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  1. Worklog N64-AIO

    Very nice Gman :) I'm going to be trying this myself at some point, me using SprintLayout should make this painless. Quick question Gman, does the traces's path need to be perfectly recreated, or does the impedance just matter?
  2. Discussion Ideas, questions, etc, Post em here!

    No worries, that is actually what I needed to know. Thanks Ginger ol buddy, and hope you enjoy the Movie Ch. Install Disc stuff I gave ya :D EDIT: I thought it double posted because there was a glitch, sorry about that
  3. Discussion Ideas, questions, etc, Post em here!

    So I was looking through some portables, such as the Wii SP and some other ones like Jeff's portables and I noticed something. They typically have 14.8v 4S, but I noticed that they have around 2-4 microcontrollers (PIC16F1503's on the Wii SP Power Board for instance) and those take up at least...
  4. Question Gamecube Port PCB

    I have EAGLE Premium, Altium Pro, and a lot of other software I've been gifted and collected. If it's ok with you Jeff, I want the footprint too, I need it for my project too :D
  5. Model Party Box STL files

    To be honest yeah, I will however be using some of the footprints from this case though (sorry for multiple posts haha) particularly it's ports. Ciao bois, I'm going to bed :D
  6. What Operating System(s) is(are) your choice(s)?

    I typically stick with modded OS'es (which crazy enough both of the forums that have those run xenforot just like us) I use Windows 7 BlueCore VE from TeamOS personally.
  7. Model Party Box STL files

    It has another great use too, for anyone else looking to use them too, EEE PC hardware is amazing for making mini MAME cabinets, and they are great for XP/7 tablets too :D
  8. GC64 - N64 Controller on Wii/GC

    Amazing, I can see myself actually having fun implementing this inside a Wii portable. Basically my plan is to have four controller ports, four of these, and all put into a pluggable dock. I'll ask ginger if he'll unbanned my other account 6100m on the discord so I can release beta builds and...
  9. Model Party Box STL files

    I like how you used EEE PC, they are great for hobbyists. Thanks for releasing them Wesk ol buddy! :D
  10. Classic+ Initial Release

    Alrighty then, well I have almost a complete understanding of a good portion of the Wii now, should be ready to dive in soon. I have been getting all the software ready today too and I'm really hoping to buy them legitimately at some point haha. See you guys in a couple of weeks after me and my...
  11. Classic+ Initial Release

    Nice job JacksonS although I have a bit of a noob* question, where does this get soldered to on the Wii motherboard? Or like does it get soldered to the Bluetooth module? Just wondering as this is the only thing that I can't figure out, as it isn't really documented on the trimming guide and...
  12. Question Bluetooth N64 Controller

    Ik I was joking around about it
  13. Release PS2+ Official Release

    Well no more third party crap, or bugs that's for sure. Nice job though, this is pretty stellar! :D
  14. Question Bluetooth N64 Controller

    Well that in a portable would be barbaric (espically in the vicinity of other Bluetooth related things near it, like the exact same receiver for instance haha) :P
  15. Trimming Service 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Hey cheese will wifi relocations & LMAOv2 trims start up?
  16. Discussion Announcing Hiidra

    I like mythology so I like it too. Personally I really feel like drawing art for it, just too busy. I'll try to maybe do it, can't make any promises though. Oh and Aurelio if it helps (not sure if you already know this) the Gecko OS source code is Available in case you ever wanna do gecko codes.
  17. Worklog DIY Concept UFO

    Thanks for agreeing to, send me a video or a picture if ya can. I have a license for it too, so PM me if you need one <3 EDIT: If you want steam functionality, you can emulate steam, like with Sm**tSt**mEmu, I censored that so it wouldn't get DMCA
  18. Worklog DIY Concept UFO

    it can play spore too right? Just wondering.
  19. Worklog The A2600-SP

    Hey guys, it's our old pal 6100m/pikapark201 (Sry for stealing ShockSlayer's haha) But, with all seriousness as my wii portable is being prepared to a point I can make a work log, I decided to do a Atari 2600 portable. It's called.. the A2600-SP. My main design goals are: SD Card or...