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  1. Sega Nomad-style DPad for DualSense/DualShock 4

    Bottom half: Top half: I'm licensing these under CC-BY-NC (attribution and non-commercial). I don't recommend distributing them as-is, due to the incompleteness of the models, but if distributing, attribution must also be...
  2. Model PS5 Dual Sense Controller (3rd Party) Scan

    Yeah, that makes sense, especially after I compared to pictures of the BDM-020 from iFixIt, which (at least the front model) matches almost exactly, minus the obvious differences from the OEM controller, like identification stamps and date code stamp.
  3. Model Sega Saturn Controller Scan

    Ah. I've been trying to find 3D models of the Sega DPad (all basically the same from the 6 button, 3D controller, and model 2 Saturn controller), and all of them are quite poor compared to the real thing. What exactly makes it difficult to scan, out of curiosity? IMO for preservation purposes...
  4. Model Sega Saturn Controller Scan

    Do you still have this controller? If so, can you scan the DPad (top and bottom) and the buttons?
  5. Model PS5 Dual Sense Controller (3rd Party) Scan

    I found a teardown of the BDM-030 from Jan 28, 2023, which is a week after this was uploaded. I'm printing the front shell right now to see if it matches my BDM-040 controller (which uses the same shell as the BDM-030) Also out of curiosity, was the third party shell from eXtremeRate? EDIT...
  6. Model PS5 Dual Sense Controller (3rd Party) Scan

    Is this model compatible with an OEM shell? If so, is it a scan of the BDM-010/020, or the newer BDM-030/040?
  7. Model Dual Shock 4 CUH-ZCT1 Controller Scan

    Note: This is a scan of the older, 1st generation of DualShock 4 controllers, model number: CUH-ZCT1U. It is not compatible with the newer CUH-ZCT2U model.
  8. 3D Scan Donation Pool (Ko-Fi)

    Do you have the DPads from various controllers that you have scanned previously? Specifically, I'd like scans for the DPads of the Sega Saturn (model 2) controller (or the Saturn 3D controller, or the Genesis 6 button controller), DualSense, and DualShock 4. Scans of the buttons would also be nice.