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  1. xsping

    Eyoyo Screen auto ON and OFF using Electron Shepherd HDMI - Help!

    i also have an eyoyo,i want use its ypbpr to connect wii,the hdmi and vga is good ,but ypbpr is strange and not clear,i think it is the problem of sharpness,but no place to change it ???
  2. xsping

    Worklog Louii Friend Build

    it‘s semi-bricked due to installing wrong region menu file, reinstall right region menu file can solve the problem
  3. xsping

    Worklog The LIGHTNiiNG - BLOCKED

    i can not wait to see the result
  4. xsping

    Worklog [2022 Contest Entry] αSNES

    I hope you will win the first place
  5. xsping

    Worklog My SegaSaturn Portable

    what a huge project, but you forgot one thing you live in China, so many factories can make PCB in very cheap price. all the complicated wiring makes headache
  6. xsping

    Model G-Boy rev3 case files

    I also took almost 2 year to imitate gboy but all failed, like most of people i was happy to see the release, thanks gman! the only thing i expect now is solidworks file that can be edited, stl is not perfect to use.
  7. xsping

    Question Trimmed Wii Won’t Boot RVL 40

    Resistance 3.3V TO GND is too low, it should be 4-8 k ohms
  8. xsping

    Question Trimmed Wii won’t boot

    More sanding, if still not boot, it is probably already fried. Do not power on trimmed wii when resistance is not ok.
  9. xsping

    Question Trimmed Wii won’t boot

    22awg is enough for grounding,but try to add one more ground cable, maybe it works,3.3v and ground should be 8k ohm,not 8 ohm
  10. xsping

    Question Trimmed Wii won’t boot

    use thicker wire for pms battery ground and voltage output ground,when battery voltage input not stable,the led will shut off
  11. xsping

    Question Trimmed Wii won’t boot

    Resistance between 3.3v and ground should be around 6-8k,if less than 1k, it means somewhere short or board fried
  12. xsping

    Question problem with emulators after cutting the wii

    Try to relocate MX chip and BT
  13. xsping

    Model Wii SPii CAD Files

    Thanks for your generous sharing, can not imagine what a huge effort you have made into this project!
  14. xsping

    Question 6 layer wii trim not working

    the scratch on back of board may lead to short somewhere
  15. xsping

    Question 6 layer wii trim not working

    1v 6ohms is normal reading for 6 layer wii,sorry for bumping old thread
  16. xsping

    Worklog Beginner Project - The Wii ToU

    Sand more to eliminate any short of 3.3v, from my opinion, this board was most probably aready fried
  17. xsping

    Worklog O-Wii First benge portable wii

    two joysticks should be together connected to GC+ to function them properly
  18. xsping

    G-BOY: Holiday Collection & RVL LCD Direct Drive

    Incredible ! Aurelio always give us big surprise
  19. xsping

    Worklog Wiiu gamepad wii first projet

    This is same thing i am working on
  20. xsping

    Question Troubleshooting GC+ 2.0

    check the resistor array on the wii board, if it shows not 10k, Try add 10k resistor between data and 3.3v,sorry for bump old thread