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  1. Bacon Bandit

    Question Brawl GameCube controller repeated/turbo inputs

    I've run into an issue where Smash Bros Brawl inputs from the GameCube controller are repeated for as long as the button is held down. I'm running RVLoader v1.5. This issue doesn't happen with purely GC2Wiimote games (tested with Mario Galaxy) or other GameCube controller compatible games...
  2. Bacon Bandit

    G-Boy No Longer Boots/Black Screen and Does Not Appear to Charge

    It sounds like I have the same problem. Was going over each connection the solution? What did you do to get the screen to work?
  3. Bacon Bandit

    Desoldering VGA

    Does anyone know the best technique/tools to use to desolder these really small components? I accidentally bridged some pins and can't seem to get the solder off. I don't have much besides a soldering iron but I'm willing to look into other tools
  4. Bacon Bandit

    Screen not turning on *resolved*

    Welp I just found out that I messed up a previous step when I powered the screen
  5. Bacon Bandit

    Screen not turning on *resolved*

    I'm following the assembly guide and I'm at the point where I'm wiring the Wii trim. I believe everything is wired correctly, but the screen does not turn on. Using the driver test board, pressing any button does nothing and I don't see any visible light coming from the screen. The fan, LED, and...
  6. Bacon Bandit

    Software Prep After Trim?

    So I may have trimmed the Wii without LetterBombing it first. Is it possible to save it? Could I LetterBomb using the G-Boy after everything is wired? If not, do you know any good sources for Wiis? And yes, I'm aware I'm an idiot for not following basic directions
  7. Bacon Bandit

    G-Boy and WiFi

    I was wondering if there is any way to add wifi functionality to the g-boy (or any portable for this case). I'm very new to portablizing, so I'm trying to learn a lot. I want to try CTGP Revolution online using wiimmfi, but that brings up problems. I know you remove the wifi module while...
  8. Bacon Bandit

    Worklog Identifying a Wii's Revision Based off of Serial Numbers

    Revision: RVL-CPU-40 Serial Number: LU71285248 Color: White