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  1. Wolf33

    BitBuilt's 2024 Summer Building Competition

    I have a few questions 1. How many entries can someone enter into this competition? Do you have to spend 2 dollars per entry? 2. Is emulation allowed? Could I design and make a custom case with controls for a phone? 3. How large can we go? The PS3, XBOX 360, Wii U etc, use many watts and put out...
  2. Wolf33

    Solved Snes micro computer

    Cool project! Would be nice if you posted some of the development pictures and ideas.
  3. Wolf33

    Question Joycon rail to USB

    Yes, you can convert anything to anything with translational layers and voltage regulators. This is a great resource for that; It would be easier to just connect via BT and modify a USB Joy-Con charger for keeping them charged.
  4. Wolf33

    Question Viability of Electroplated Cases

    Electroplating 3D prints has come a long way with HEN3DRIK on YouTube providing excellent tutorials that he continues to improve over time.
  5. Wolf33

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hello! Nice to meet this community! I'm a big fan of the console modding going on here! Hoping to grow and learn with you all so I can bring concepts like this to reality.
  6. Wolf33

    Worklog Windows PC stick inside Gameboy shell

    Looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Have you considered putting USB ports where the cartridge slot goes? Would be neat to use a flash drive as a game came cart.