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    Forum Questions

    There's a filesize and megapixel limit for image uploads. As for embedding an image within a thread as a preview, I don't recall there being anything specific.
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    Remembering Doom

    It brings me great sorrow to announce to the BitBuilt community (along with any others who are sent this post) that Jason, better known as @Doom, has passed away. This information came early yesterday morning from one of his close friends, Len-Rod. I hope his passing was as painless and peaceful...
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    Worklog N64 But It’s A Front Loader For Some Reason (N64BIAFLFSR)

    Agreed, it doesn't feel too off from the N64 DD.
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    RVLoader v2.0

    Please use English, it's a rule on the forums as it's the main language everyone can read here. Glad to hear you're able to play all your games!
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    Worklog Unnamed Xbox Portable

    Could you elaborate? Who are you referring to (as "he") and what reason do you have to think we would ban then? I cannot recall, under the current staff at least, any time someone was banned merely for becoming popular and not for breaking rules/other due cause. If they're doing good work...
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    MGC 2024

    YO! MGC 2024 (somehow) already came and went. Why weren't you there? Chained knock-off Mario plushie is deeply disappointed in you. Unless you were there, in which case... NICE! Hope you enjoyed your time, post your pics in this thread. As per usual the room was full of portables and projects...
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    Worklog Wii U R&D Thread (WURD)

    I'm not sure those would be worth the cost versus conventional thermal paste. Likely going to still be under 20 watts and I assume the bottle neck isn't going to be the thermal transfer from the die to the heatsink.
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    Secret Santa 2023: Post your gifts here!

    @CrazyGadget Glad you liked it! I'm admittedly not great at gifting, so I try to find things that are useful. Hope that solder will last ya a long time haha. We've talked over PM's about it, but I was also going to give Crazy a title here on the forums. Turns out @Stitches beat me to it by a...
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    Secret Santa 2023: Post your gifts here!

    I was sent a copy of Zelda 2 and an Alice Margatroid figure. It may be shocking but I think the only zelda game I've bothered playing/finishing was Wind Waker. Only have played probably 10 minutes of the original Zelda? I'll have to pull out my NES some time and give it a play! In terms of the...
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    Question Do i need the wii coin battery

    The coin cell battery is used by the RTC (real time clock). In other words, you only need the coin cell if you're relocating the MX chip and want RTC functionality. Also, it looks like you've created a few threads for various questions - consider creating a worklog for your project and ask...
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    Secret Santa 2023: Post your gifts here!

    >Dear god you really do love Tetris That gave me a good laugh. Wish I had time to practice and be not trash at tetris and puyo. Cirno themed buttons are a sick idea actually. I never thought of what a Cirno (or Touhou in general) themed portable would look like but it'd be cool to see...
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    Guide Setting up Wii and GameCube games

    Did you read the first post of this thread? Other than that, we would need to see screenshots of what your filesystem looks like before we could help.
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    BitBuilt's 2023 Secret Santa!

    They've been sent out over private message here on the forums.
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    Secret Santa 2023: Post your gifts here!

    Thread for 2023's Secret Santa gift exchange. Post what you've received, reactions, etc!
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    How haven't I heard people talking about this. This is awesome dude.
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    BitBuilt's 2023 Secret Santa!

    With what feels like an instant it's already the middle of November. That means the holiday season is approaching! We're keeping the trend of last year's Secret Santa - keeping participants in North America separate from those in Europe/Asia/etc due to little interest last year from those...
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    Board scan N64 Rev 9-1 Compendium

    Updated original post with version saved in Gimp. Thanks @Nold
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    2023 Summer Competition Results and Prizes

    Summer has ended and along with it the 2023 Summer competition. This year we saw a variety of project types get started ranging from the original Playstation and XBOX to the Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo N64 (Any many others). By far the most adventurous year for setting the groundwork for future...
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    I was hoping to avoid this; HELP!!

    That video output looks as if the NAND isn't ""starting up"", which makes sense given your voltages. Have any more recent pics of your board? Cleaning it with IPA would be a good start.