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  1. CrazyGadget

    Cannot center screen

    The Power and Menu buttons are swapped on that driver board (like H and V sync)
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    trimmed wii?
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    Question GC2.0+ seems to have a malfunction.

    Being that you have a custom setup, detailed pictures are absolutely necessary for anyone to be able to help you. Have you tried holding X+Y+A while powering up the system to reset the sticks to their defaults? I've had a similar issue where moving one stick would digitally move both, and they...
  4. CrazyGadget

    G-Boy Controller Board to control panel settings

    Here's the GitHub report for my OSD control board: Note that, if you want to use it with the old G-Boy screen, you have to incorporate the resistor ladder on the button board that came with the screen like this: I also have a bunch of...
  5. CrazyGadget

    Question Weird control stick behavior

    I remember a while ago, people were having issues where, when they touched their charger to the USB-C port on the PD board in their G-Boy, the whole system would reset. Something about the grounding causing some kind of quick blip.... Regardless, your USB lines need to be twisted *much* tighter...
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    Question Black Dots of death?

    Welcome to the world of 6 layer Wiis. Just about every one I've trimmed has had this exact issue.
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    g-boy LED

    It uses the WS2812 included with the PMS2 / Lite
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    Question Questions Thread for WMU V2 (BitBuilt 2024 Summer Build Competition Entry)

    That fan would be doing next to nothing like that, you need a fan to push cool air over the heat-wicking fins on the heatsink. If you're going for a low profile, why not go with the tried and true 35mm fan / heatsink / copper plate combo?
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    Black Nylon GC Micro, HDMI Edition (by Wesk)

    I had this cheap capture card collecting dust in my closet and decided to make a little Sunday afternoon project out of it. The quality of the card leaves a lot to be desired but hey, it makes for a cool little extra function! I also switched the fan from 5V to 3v3 to cut down on the noise, it's...
  10. CrazyGadget

    Worklog Funtastic N64HHv2 build with RCP Flex

    Absolutely beautiful! Your flex is the real icing on the cake, and that shell is really making me want to get a jungle green one going.... Love it!
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    Worklog Project Jackknife

    My project for the 2024 Summer Build Competition is going to be a modern rendition of @Madmorda's Wii S Lite. A couple months ago, I was in a call with Crash and some other fellas and he mentioned how he has the husk / some guts from the Wii S Lite, and it prompted me to look for what Madmorda...
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    Solved Fun Voltage Problem

    If you had 7.4V going into your B+ line, your PMS is definitely cooked. Hard to tell what exactly since nothing looks particularly smoked, but the PMS is designed to only be capable of a 1S input. Anything higher than that can and will lead to damage to the board (normally the BQ chip fries but...
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    BitBuilt's 2024 Summer Building Competition

    A couple questions: Regarding Rule #2, does every single image need to have the "BitBuilt Summer Comp 2024 (username)" card in it? I have a couple pictures regarding my project that don't have the card in it and I can't go back in time :^/ Somewhat related to above: last year, it was stated (in...
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    N64HHv2: Silver-Undervolt and MGC-Green Editions

    Yes, though I was having some issues with the stick calibration, so Gunnar sent me a different version. It seems like no two builds are alike, as people have mentioned having strange issues with the code, all seem to be pretty different, so who knows what it is.
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    Trimmed Wii on aliexpress

    If you're new to the hobby, I would highly recommend trimming your own Wii, it helps you understand the anatomy of the board a lot better! Study up with the Definitive Trimming Guide, it has everything you need to pull off your first OMGWTF trim! I believe you are also already a part of the...
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    Discussion Where do I begin? (NOW FLIP'S FIRST WORKLOG)

    Chuck the two wires in a drill and hold the other end, let'r rip!
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    Worklog Kill Mii Too (Altoids Smalls Tin Portable)

    PMS2 / Lite is 1S only, do not put 2 in series!
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    Question PMS-PD 3

    You can join their Discord server:
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    Worklog CrazyGadget's First N64 Portable - NSight64

    It's been a long time since I have updated this thread. Unfortunately, I have not made any real progress in terms of this portable. I've been spending time catching up on commissions and other parts of life, and I hope to get back to this portable once the summer rolls around. That all being...
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    OSD Control Board

    This thread is a mirror of the OSD Control Board GitHub repo. All files are located there. OSD Control Board This OSD board is a simple set of logic gates that allow the screen driver boards used in portables to be controlled with button combinations from the built-in controller. This was a...