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  1. Worklog Project M

    Sorry, I don't think I typed this very clearly. What I am saying is that thedrew has accidently made this a voltage plane instead of a GND plane (as you have pointed out) hence the lighter colour. Either that or its just filled weirdly on kicad/his output design.
  2. Worklog Project M

    I've been currently doing my own board design so this does not bode well.... Sorry if I'm incorrect here, it's difficult to tell from the Kicad pictures, but I would double check this plane here as it looks like it might be a voltage plane instead of GND where the vias are connected too (light...
  3. Question Identification of X1 component

    Hi everyone, long time no see. I've had a bit more time on my hand and was inspired by some of the recreations of the Wii motherboard. As a result, I have begun the process of designing my own in Kicad. I am little bit confused however by the part labelled as X1 on the Wii. From my...
  4. Question Trigger system

    Hi everyone, Have a bit of what might seem a silly question but couldn't really find an answer from looking at all the different trigger L/R designs. I was basing this trigger off Jackson's Wii sp 2, since this is the sort of case I want to design. Currently, in Fusion 360, I have completed...
  5. Question QFN soldering

    I have had some varying success with using hot air to solder QFN parts, but I can rarely get it reliably done. For example with JacksonS's amp, it took a couple of tries to solder the PIC & get it actually programmed. What do you guys use to solder QFN parts? Is it just hot air, stencil and...
  6. Discussion PowerMii call for contribution

    Sorry I haven't been around too much, but I am definitely still interested.
  7. Question Programming PIC

    Unfortunately still getting the same problem after powering externally with 5v. Reckon its worth re-soldering? Seems strange though, it finds the PIC but just isn't able to program nor verify. Seems like it can read PIC but not actually edit it.
  8. Question Programming PIC

    So I recently bought the board JacksonS made for the switching headphone jack, but i'm having trouble programming it. On the board at the moment all I have soldered on is the PIC16F1503. After connecting the PICkit3 through MPLAB, it says it has found the target device but I am unable to program...
  9. Model Jeff's Assortment of Various Models

    Cheers for these models Jeff, very helpful in getting an idea on the size of the case, as well as where to position everything.
  10. Worklog Waker of the Wiind - Ginger's Second Wii Portable

    Cheers bud, will definitely look into getting a hot air station. Chipquik has been pretty good for the small part smd parts, but getting stuff off like the wii usb ports has been a real pain. I honestly didn't think I would be so picky about screen quality, but actually looking at composite now...
  11. Worklog Waker of the Wiind - Ginger's Second Wii Portable

    @GingerOfOz How good is the quality of the screen say compared to composite? Would you say it makes a big difference? Was it difficult to remove the ports at all? The composite screens that I finally got working on 5v have pretty horrible quality. I saw @Stitches guide on them and was thinking...
  12. Question Running screen off 5v \ 3.3v

    Measured both of the inductors, one was 3.3v while the other was about 4.14vs. Tried supplying 5vs to it but unfortunately no dice, screen doesn't seem to be responding. Edit: Nevermind, managed to get it working on a different screen.
  13. Question Running screen off 5v \ 3.3v

    Hi guys, unfortunately I've got another issue to solve. My 3.5 BW screen works fine on my trimmed wii, but for my actual project I'm using the 5 inch version. When I power the screen off 5v I occasionally get some flickering, while 3.3v and 12v show no signs of life at all. I noticed in...
  14. Hi Jackson, as others have mentioned very impressive work with your portable. I was just...

    Hi Jackson, as others have mentioned very impressive work with your portable. I was just wondering in your work-log for the Wiisp2, you used a copper sheet 70 mm x 35 mm. What sort of thickness was the copper? I've found a sheet with a thickness of about 0.9mm would that be suitable?
  15. Solved Cut through amp

    So I've finally managed to get a working trim, with bluetooth, the only problem is I've somehow managed to cut through the wii preamp. I've got a picture below. Would I still be able to get audio working?
  16. Discussion PowerMii call for contribution

    Alright sent it! Sorry its a bit late.
  17. Discussion PowerMii call for contribution

    I'd be interested in the board to. Is it still possible to pitch in?
  18. [WTB] U10 Needed

    Hi guys, I've been a long time lurker of this forum and have finally bitten the bullet and attempted to build my own portable. After a lot of mess ups and some practicing with soldering, I've finally managed to successfully relocate the Bluetooth module (34g wire made things a lot easier). I've...