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  1. Predue89

    Solved Gwii green tint on lcd

    What do you mean by that? I just added an accu pack in my last portable to see how it works and I get that purple colors on white, if it's too bright.
  2. Predue89

    GoPro Hero5 lite (for FPV) 30g!

    Hey guys, here is a small project I just finished. Had nowhere to post a worklog, but in this forum it might be in good hands :) Finished Design: With a ND filter: The assembly is rather easy, but just in case I made a video that guides you throughthe process: Here are some pics of...
  3. Predue89

    Guide De-Lidding the Wii chips

    Ah, ic. I actually didn't know that :blush: One could say I followed you guide precisely. :XD: I did it exactly the way you recommended it. Very nice and detailed tutorial. ;)
  4. Predue89

    Guide De-Lidding the Wii chips

    Cool info ;) I've done this in my last portable. After watching a video about thermal flow and removing the heatspreader to apply better/new thermal paste and using copper instead of the aluminum. As far as I can tell it is working great, although I don't really know if it does a significant...
  5. Predue89

    Guide Building Internal USB Drives Into Portables

    Is the LED on the backside supposed to light up all the time? Or did I make a mistake?
  6. Predue89

    Worklog Wii motherboard interface PCB / WII Portable (still unnamed)

    Looking very impressive :) I just wanted to ask why you chose to work with 18650 batteries and not with some li-po ones that are slimmer?
  7. Predue89

    Worklog Nintendo Swiitch V2.5 - BocuD's third Wii Portable

    That is looking awesome so far! Keep up the good work ;) Can't wait to see this boy finished.
  8. Predue89

    Worklog The littleBIG Boy

    Not yet :awesome:
  9. Predue89

    PortablizeMii "Themes"?

    I actually made a thp video myself from the intro of the GameCube (with the rolling dice). It worked by just replacing the original intro video (I made sure it had the same resolution). But a menu like the one from a GameCube :rothink: that would be awesome:D
  10. Predue89

    Worklog Switch-alike Portable

    Hey dear community, I decided to publish the stl files for everyone. If you want to use them just give some credit ;) PS: Sry for bumping this old thread
  11. Predue89

    Discussion PowerMii call for contribution

    Can you count me in? Edit: In the next batch, if there is no part left.
  12. Predue89


    I bought some rubber tact switches from adafruit for a shitload of money. And parallel to that I bought some very cheap ones from china (ebay). Guess what... The branding and everything on these buttons are the exact same as on the Adafruit switches. They ARE the same buttons, even in the same...
  13. Predue89

    Question DIY WaveBird Reciever?

    Why not work with two Arduino pro mini and a GC+? The Arduino is very cheap and the transceiver for them, too. Arduino Transceiver I found some software for this, unfortunately I haven't had the time to test everything. I have all the nessesary hardware though (because I wanted to build one...
  14. Predue89

    Worklog Strike Wiitches (Wii portable)

    Hey, nice to see you here, working for your dream :D;) I can tell that you already read much through the threads. If you have questions, feel free to ask them here, we will do our best to answer them. (Most likely not me, cause I don't know sh*t xD. But the community is great here) Have fun...
  15. Predue89

    Worklog The littleBIG Boy

    Ebay :D I wrote it in one of my first posts, from which model it was.
  16. Predue89

    World's Smallest Gamecube Controller

    Found that in the Guinness World Records :XD: (I hope I don't run into copyright issues when I post this here o.O)
  17. Predue89

    Worklog The littleBIG Boy

    I know exactly what you mean :XD: But this community here is awesome. I'm sure we will support you as far as we can;) And it will get easier every day after you started.
  18. Predue89

    Worklog The littleBIG Boy

    I actually had two spare connectors from an old Wiikey fusion laying around. They are 10 pins each, but it didn't matter to me. You can easily find these connectors by searching for "0.5 pitch connector" on eBay. They are fairly cheap imo. Good luck with your portable :D
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    Guide Bezel around the display

    Thank you. It is 1mm thick. I got it from eBay.
  20. Predue89

    The littleBIG Boy

    Thank you all for your feedback. I removed the protective film from the display though, because I've had enough of these bubbles on the edge:eyeroll: