1. nmPicard

    Question Motion controls on Ashida

    Hey all, I'm currently investigating making an Ashida, and am wondering how motion controls are handled, can't seem to find any info about it, and would like to know more. This is my first handheld. Not thinking of anything like Wii sports, but instead simple shaking actions like those done in...
  2. Bryceshaw06

    Question [HELP] Ashida has lines on bottom of display every few boots

    Hello everyone! I recently finished my Ashida, and I’m super happy with it! There's just one issue I’ve been pulling my hair out over, and I would like some advice on troubleshooting it. Every few boots (I'd say about 1 every 5) the bottom of my display will have lines appear. They are locked in...
  3. Bubberiffic

    My Finished Ashida

    Here’s my finished Ashida! After giving up on this project last August, I persevered to complete it! Special thanks to CrazyGadget for helping me with VGA & other issues last year, and for encouraging me to finish! The case is 3D printed on an FDM printer and I sanded, filled, and painted it...
  4. Thomothy

    Worklog Obligatory Ashida First Build

    Don’t got much yet. My Wii has been homebrewed for 3 years now waiting for me to finally gather the strength. Well I am now just waiting for the parts to deliver and I did make a little breakout board to hopefully make troubleshooting easier. Plus I laid out my trim for the ashida. The black is...
  5. san_dingus

    Will RVLoader run from the micro SD on a PMS PD 3?

    I already posted about this in the welcome thread, but I doubt that will be seen by the people it's aimed at, so - AFAIK, RVLoader doesn't work from an SD card, but the PMS PD 3 board only supports a micro SD card. It does mention that the SD card then shows up as a USB drive on your PC if you...
  6. harutoch

    Worklog AWiiDA, my first wii portable (wii-themed ashida)

    I've ordered all the parts except for the 4layertech stuff as i have to make sure i got enough money before getting it. My vision is a wii-themed ashida, and i made a decal to put on the back (attached). I also made a Pikmin RVLoader theme if you're interested in it. I've wanted to make a wii...
  7. harutoch

    Question Best first portable?

    Hi, I'm brand new to portablizing and wanted some help with choosing what to build as my first portable. I really want to make a louii, as i love the look of it and the customization, but I heard it's not the best for beginners like me. I saw the Ashida, and I think it's okay but I don't really...
  8. yoblast29

    Worklog black ashida, a beginning ...

    Okay, after more than a year, I can finally start working on a wii portable. I found out about bitbuilt last summer and was shocked to discover what some people could do with my childhood console. first time I opened bitbuilt, I found the ultrawii sakura of @YveltalGriffin and wanted to do my...
  9. SartoZ

    Worklog Ashida build, 0 electronics knowledge, help much appreciated

    Hello everyone I'm trying to build an Ashida learning electronics and soldering from scrap in the process, encouraged from the titanic work of you guys in making this project as simple and clear as possible even to a total noob like me. I already trimmed the mobo and tested the resistances...
  10. OneXCL

    Question How should I go about building my first portable?

    So first off, I'd like to say hi and thank you in advance for any advice given. I'm trying to decide between making an Ashida for my first build, or use some of the boards made for the Ashida and use that to make a more original portable (Simply because I like the idea of designing my own...
  11. XsunaTera66

    Question Ashida build guide???

    Wanna build an ashida. Never built a portable before. I see a bunch of diagrams on 4layertech but other than that i have no idea how to wire the display and im sure there is other crucial info im missing. Where do i find the info??
  12. XsunaTera66

    Question How to build ashida?

    On the ashida pcb diagram at 4layertech, it has a diagram on how to wire the pcbs to the wii. But how do i wire the screen it doesn’t say.
  13. XsunaTera66

    Question Ashida pcbs

    Simple question. Can you gat all required boards for the ashida off 4layertech? Also, where are the instructions for the ashida mod?
  14. soda

    Worklog Yet another Ashida build (My First)

    Hello all, I've committed myself to building an Ashida as my first and probably only portable build and so here we are. What I've done already: 3D Printed the Case Needs sanding (badly) Chopped a Wii Took more sanding than I expected to get acceptable resistance values but should be...
  15. ModManMac

    Question batteries

    hey so i was looking at the batteries in the BOM and they call for 18650 batteries however the link takes you to samsung 21700’s which are slightly larger in diameter and length, are these the ones people managed to fit into their ashida mods? or should i look on another site for actual 18650...
  16. ModManMac

    Worklog Excited Work Log

    Hey everyone ! figured i would document my process as i’m going along i love the idea of being able to look back at the posts like notes. today i received a gamecube controller and a wii classic controller and quickly got to work desoldering components. i removed all the stick boxes, after...
  17. Question Would acrylic paint be suitable for design on portable?

    For my Ashida I'm making, my girlfriend will be helping me paint the case. So far, our idea is to cover it with a light blue spray paint and then put a design on the middle of the bottom half. For the light blue I've decided to use testors or tamiya (I haven't decided so if anyone has...
  18. Soak_n_fused

    Question 1st portable Wii complete!!

    Ok, so I just finished my first Wii portable, but not after (possibly) ruining another Wii in the process. Hopefully I can go back to the first board and patch it up. A couple things that I'd like some help with: 1) The heatspreaders linked in the Ashida BOM don't sit nicely against the wii...
  19. Soak_n_fused

    Question Help with driver board

    Ok so I'm building an Ashida and I'm having a video issue, but I think that's due to me not patching in VGA when I installed RVLoader, I was wondering if anyone knows how to switch the display over to composite so I can see if everything is wired correctly. I bought the 5" IPS display and driver...
  20. Tantalus2102

    Worklog Ashida Worklog + Questions

    After years of modding Gameboys and staring longingly at portabilized consoles, I've decided to take the plunge and build an Ashida for myself. I've spent the past weeks reading the forums and gathering parts, and I've already put a significant dent into things, though the hard work is all ahead...