1. Madmorda

    Silicone Molds for resin casting buttons

    Hello! I am taking a break from resin casting for a little bit, and figured I would offer up some of my molds in case anyone is interested. These molds were made with Alumilite, and were almost all cured in a pressure pot (maybe 2-3 individual pieces were not). I have listed individual prices...
  2. kingderp2

    Question Help with DS lite rubber conductive pads and continuity

    Hello, so I'm working on my Wii portable which I made a custom PCB for. I was testing everything to see if it worked when I noticed that the rubber conductive pads I have for DS lite face/dpad buttons aren't closing the circuit and triggering a button press. I used my multimeter to check the...
  3. Benge

    Solved How to create good custom NDS lite pad in Eagle ?

    Hello, I have already tested to create NDS lite contact pad in Eagle for my O-Wii. But they were fucked up, and I had a hard time making them : I searched a lot but I did not find anything conclusive. I have already tried but I am not able to make precise round shapes, And I don't know the...
  4. Madmorda

    WTS Resin Cast Custom Buttons and Joysticks

    Hello all! I've been resin casting buttons almost daily for the last year, and I'm selling off some of my old stock. All of these buttons will need some kind of work before they can be installed. This might be as simple as gently running a knife around the edges to clean them up, or it may...
  5. DeoNaught

    Model Ds pads

    So in my Squiifer thread, I released a board for dslite rubber pads, it cut greatly on the side compared to using regular buttons. more people than I thought I would were using it. and asking for stuff on it I sadly lost when my laptop died. So I quickly whipped up a new one, and decided to...
  6. Madmorda

    Guide Resin Casting / Molding Buttons

    Making your own buttons has a particular appeal to those of us in the portablizing community because it allows for more versatility when deciding on a color scheme. Why settle for colors Nintendo made when you can create your very own? Things you'll need: Oomoo 30 Silicone - $25-30 Art 'N Glow...
  7. Madmorda

    SOLD - WTS Custom Molded Buttons

    Hey guys! As some of you know, I've started playing around with resin casting. I've decided to sell some of my completed sets since they're piling up, but I have a lot more not pictured if you're interested in (for example) ds abxy buttons without a dpad, or buttons with small imperfections...
  8. DeoNaught

    bt Modules, Wifi Modules, and a set of clear Gamecube buttons

    Hello friends, I'm selling some stuff, to clean out my desk, and get some money for my projects. I have a couple Wii bluetooth modules, and wifi modules(and antenna's). $2.50 for a module, plus whatever shipping is. I am also selling my set of Alibaba Clear Gamecube buttons for $10, but that...
  9. Toaster912

    Solved Wii portable Controller buttons

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can link me to were I can get new 3ds buttons for my Wii portable?