1. Question Can I just purchase a Wii motherboard instead of a console?

    Hey all, pretty much the title. Interesting in this community and the projects that have been done. Right now looking at the Ashida documentation and going through others worklogs. Anyways, first step in actually starting is getting my hands on a 4 layer Wii. Is it safe if I just get a 4 layer...
  2. Wesk

    Model Sega 32X Console Scan

    Sega 32X Console Scan Contains: Sega 32X Top Shell Sega 32X Bottom Shell Sega 32X Cartridge Guide Sega 32X Cartridge Front Sega 32X Cartridge Rear Sega 32X Cartridge Flap Front Sega 32X Cartridge Flap Rear Specs: These are high poly scans, average poly count per mesh is about 2,500,000...
  3. Wesk

    Model Sega Saturn Model 2 Scan

    Sega Saturn Model 2 Scan Contains: Sega Saturn Model 2 Battery Cover Sega Saturn Model 2 Cart Flap Sega Saturn Model 2 Lid bracket 1 and 2 Sega Saturn Model 2 CD Tray Lid Sega Saturn Model 2 Open, Power and Eject button Sega Saturn Model 2 Top Sega Saturn Model 2 Bottom Specs: These are...
  4. Wesk

    Model Wii Mini Console Scan

    Wii Mini Console Scan Contains: Wii Mini Console Top Shell Wii Mini Console Bottom Shell Wii Mini Console Drive Lid Wii Mini Console Drive Bracket Wii Mini Console Open Button Wii Mini Console Power Button Wii Mini Console Battery Mount Specs: These are high poly scans, average poly count...
  5. Wesk

    Model N64 Console Scan

    N64 Console Scan Contains: N64 Console Top Shell N64 Console Bottom Shell N64 Console AV port N64 Console Foot N64 Console Power Switch N64 Console Reset Button N64 Console Cartridge Mount Specs: These are high poly scans, average poly count per mesh is about 2,500,000 triangles. NOTE...
  6. Wesk

    Model Super Famicom/PAL SNES Console Scan

    Super Famicom Console Scan Contains: Super Famicom Console Top Shell Super Famicom Console Bottom Shell Super Famicom Console Top Cover Super Famicom Console Front Cover Super Famicom Console Controller Port Cover Super Famicom Console Eject Button Super Famicom Console Reset Button Super...
  7. Wesk

    Model Wii Console Scan

    Wii Console Scan Contains: Wii Shell front Wii Shell Top Wii Shell Bottom Specs: These are high poly scans, average poly count per mesh is about 2,500,000 triangles. NOTE: 3D scans aren't perfect, if light cannot hit certain parts of the object then the scan will contain 'Blobs' in...
  8. JCasper

    Question Wii Portable Battery/General Parts

    Hey all! I'm very new to modding and only have some basic electronics experience. I am working on gathering parts for my Wii portable build. I did have a PSOne screen that I was going to use for this project, but it doesn't work. I recently picked up a portable DVD player at the thrift store...
  9. Wesk

    Model Gamecube Console Scan

    Gamecube Console Scan Contains: Gamecube Shell Lid Gamecube Shell Top Gamecube Shell Bottom Gamecube Power, reset and eject buttons Gamecube Shell Controller front plate Gamecube Shell AV back plate Gamecube Shell Handle Gamecube Lid jewel Gamecube LED light guide Gamecube Serial and BBA...
  10. Wesk

    Model GBA Console Scan

    GBA Console Scan 3D scan data. Contains: GBA Console Front GBA Console Back Specs: These are re-meshed versions of the original scans, they contain a lower poly count to be easier to work with but are virtually identical to the raw scans. Average poly count per mesh is about 600,000...
  11. br3compactor

    Commission - Custom console WI64?

    Hello! I've been looking for a console modder to comission for a custom console. The vague concept: Basically a trimmed Wii + trimmed N64. Why: The Wii can run most older consoles well with emulation, however the N64 emulation is still struggling. Considering that me and my friends still play...
  12. Aero_Knight

    Worklog Portable Genesis "PG" (ATGames Moddification)

    ORIGINAL CONSOLE: SEGA Genesis Base Product: ATGames SEGA Genesis Classic Game Console (Kohls Release 2016) Base Components: ATGames Console, 2 IR Basic Genesis Controllers Base Price: $49.99 (2018) Overall Goal: Portablize the ATGames SEGA Genesis Classic Console using as much base hardware...
  13. LOCtroviser

    Forever 64 - Miniature N64 with built in Everdrive

    Hey everyone, It's been a loooong time since I've actually posted something here on the forums but I've seen all the great work that you guys have done and I'm inspired to build again:mrgreen:. After a transition phase with moving to another country I've finally set up my new workshop and will...
  14. mknrls

    Worklog noneAH - N64.Wii.DC [CONSOLE]

    This project is now dead. Keep an new variation of it in the future! noneAH is a balance between original hardware with upgrades and emulation, also a compilation of different guides, mods, hacks, and breakthroughs! It's not a porable but a mixture of mutiple consoles. Feature-Roadmap N64 -...
  15. Madmorda

    Weirdest thing you've found inside a console?

    I've had a LOT of various consoles open over the last year or so, and occasionally I find weird things inside. I was curious of any of you have had the same experience since a few of you have stacks of shells. :) Most recently I found a cardboard penny inside of a SNES. Not even a real penny, a...
  16. JayCantPlay

    AESTETIC Thread

    This thread is all about sharing and appreciating good looking and AESTETIC consoles or portables. For example: I'll start with the silver Gameboy Pocket. It's smooth, clean and elegant. The best looking Gameboy in my opinion. Any others you appreciate?
  17. Matthew

    Troubleshooting Techniques

    I have been trying to diagnose some issues with my first portable and I thought it might be useful to have a thread on different techniques that others use, especially the pros'. Anyone have any good techniques for identifying why a console would have sudden power loss?