1. br3compactor

    Commission - Custom console WI64?

    Hello! I've been looking for a console modder to comission for a custom console. The vague concept: Basically a trimmed Wii + trimmed N64. Why: The Wii can run most older consoles well with emulation, however the N64 emulation is still struggling. Considering that me and my friends still play...
  2. Madmorda

    WTS Resin Cast Custom Buttons and Joysticks

    Hello all! I've been resin casting buttons almost daily for the last year, and I'm selling off some of my old stock. All of these buttons will need some kind of work before they can be installed. This might be as simple as gently running a knife around the edges to clean them up, or it may...
  3. ruumoo

    Worklog Wii motherboard interface PCB / WII Portable (still unnamed)

    The Goal of this project is to create a custom PCB that holds all the neccesary comopnents, you need for a wii portable, as well as having a large cutout in the center to place a trimmed motherboard and have convenient solderpads in the right place to connect to the mobo via some hookup wires...
  4. ruumoo

    Discussion Wii custom motherboard PCB

    I started my Portable Wii project about a year ago and managed to do the OMGWTF-trim successfully, but I never finished the project. Now I was thinking of reviving the project and today on the bus, I got to think , if it could be possible to design a custom motherboard and transplant the...
  5. LOCtroviser

    Forever 64 - Miniature N64 with built in Everdrive

    Hey everyone, It's been a loooong time since I've actually posted something here on the forums but I've seen all the great work that you guys have done and I'm inspired to build again:mrgreen:. After a transition phase with moving to another country I've finally set up my new workshop and will...
  6. Madmorda

    Guide Resin Casting / Molding Buttons

    Making your own buttons has a particular appeal to those of us in the portablizing community because it allows for more versatility when deciding on a color scheme. Why settle for colors Nintendo made when you can create your very own? Things you'll need: Oomoo 30 Silicone - $25-30 Art 'N Glow...
  7. nobble

    Release The NintenDOOM64 "Dedicated Console"

    I did a thing.. Need to go to barcade, will update later. >:)
  8. Madmorda

    Worklog Custom Molded Buttons

    Hey guys! It's finally time to start a worklog for this project as I finally know it's 100% doable. As some of you may know, I recently began playing with silicon molds. So far, I have made molds for a few different types of buttons, but the ones I'm most excited about are my 3ds buttons. I have...
  9. nobble

    Worklog NintenDoom64: AV&LED Modded/Custom Painted N64

    Time for some wax sessions and low-light dining. Here's a nightly mod that @Postman and I are working on. It's a Nintendo 64 with a custom splatter paint that I did from back in the Nobble64p era. We are adding a few LEDs to illuminate the badge, standard RCA ports, and HDMI(probably).
  10. Madmorda

    Custom GameCube Jewel

    Hey guys! I've had this project in mind for quite some time, and finally got around to doing it. A while back, I discovered that the black jewel on top of the 001 model Gamecube is actually two pieces of plastic glued together. After separating them, I had the idea to replace the "Nintendo...
  11. Madmorda

    World's Smallest Gamecube Controller

    Hey guys :) I recently finished up this tiny Gamecube controller. It was built into a keychain, and is fully functional as a gamecube controller. Parts Needed: GC+ board GameCube controller keychain 2 joysticks (254SA103B50A) 11 hard tact switches 2 squishy tacts Perfboard Magnet wire...
  12. Reilly

    Question Portable Wii Battery?

    I am completely inexperienced working with batteries and making them, I want to be as cheap as possible with my Wii Portable build, and have a relatively small battery pack. If someone who knows more about this could help me out, It'd be very appreciated. What I need to know: What's the most...
  13. Madmorda

    Wiip theme ideas?

    So as you guys know, I'm working on a wii portable that is going to look like a larger version of a ds lite. I paint and customize consoles in my spare time, and I'd like to bring that into my portable. So, I want to try and find a "theme" that fits my portable. Does anybody have any ideas? I'd...
  14. Madmorda

    Custom Gameboys

    Hey guys :) I'm going to put these up on eBay soon, but I'm putting them here first in case anyone is interested. All of these work great, are clean, and have brand new faceplates. All paint has been clear coated, and they should last a long time if taken care of. The gameboy colors: both of...
  15. Madmorda

    Worklog Various Cosmetic Console Mods

    About a year ago, I bought a couple gamecubes for cheap and decided to paint one. It came out well the first time, so I painted the second one, and then a third, etc. I slowly started learning more and doing noncosmetic mods like leds and modchips etc (eventually leading to an interest in...
  16. Wadebrody

    Custom Regulators

    Does anyone have any pictures of their custom regulators wired up to their Wii? I've been looking around but all I see is where the voltages are, on the Wii Trimming Guide. And also, do you need the custom 5v regulator or is that just optional? Thanks