help request

  1. JuDaG1

    Free 3D CAD Suggestions?

    I recently moved to another city for a project, and I have left my laptop in storage because I will be moving back in the next couple of months. The issue is that the laptop has my lifetime copy of Fusion 360 installed on it, and I don't have the time or funds to travel back there to retrieve...
  2. WillF

    Wii Omega Trim Commission Request for GC Nano Build

    I'm looking to build the GC Nano but I definitely cannot trim a Wii any smaller than an OMGWTF. I don't know anything about the market on commissioning OMEGA trims so let me know how much you would charge for a commissioned trim. Thanks, Will
  3. SartoZ

    Worklog Ashida build, 0 electronics knowledge, help much appreciated

    Hello everyone I'm trying to build an Ashida learning electronics and soldering from scrap in the process, encouraged from the titanic work of you guys in making this project as simple and clear as possible even to a total noob like me. I already trimmed the mobo and tested the resistances...
  4. DiamondBuildsWii202

    Question I dont have access to a RVL-PMS board what can I do instead?

    I dont know much and I have been searching everywhere but I just can't find anything about the newer diagrams the diagrams i saw are about 7 years old. It has got to change. I am also limited on what I can get. Any recommendations?
  5. JuDaG1

    Question 1.8 inch tft screen wiring

    A Little Backstory: I recently received a spare small 1.8 (the kit self-proclaimed it as HD though I'm skeptical due to the size) screen I happened upon from an arduino kit I got as a present. Note that the vendors of that kit were kind enough to provide what I assume is normally clear manual...
  6. Tigerkev

    How to look for TFT driver board

    Heya, everyone! I'm here looking for help once again, this time I need help finding a driver/controller board for a display I think would fit my portable as I have not managed to do so myself. The screen is a 5 inch 800x480p TFT IPS screen, specifically this one. It says something about ST7262...
  7. Striik3OutMods

    Discussion GBOY Selling Group

    Hey guys! I'm completely new here and want to make a portable Wii... But I can't make one myself and here's why: 1. I'm only 13, I can't solder, or use a big spinning saw. 2. I'm broke. 3. No 3D Printer. Sorry if I'm being strict. But I am looking for help on make one! The portable will be...
  8. Avery

    Question Can't get power from pms to Wii

    (just want to preface this with the fact that I am on my way to a movie so I will update this post with pictures in a few hours) I have a PMS 2 and I can wire a battery up and I can get stuff like F+ to get 5.1v and the pms starts to get warm but except for one time in the hours I tried, there...
  9. How exactly would I make a wii portable?

    I know most of the basic materials and I know I need to get a Wii install certain software onto it and trim out certain boards but Do I need additional circuit boards which i assume I will and where should I get them? what about Batteries? 3d printer? Wires? Installing everything with the...
  10. Dynamic_Hayden

    Question Im makeing an NES handheld/portable and need help finding a case

    Im curently in the process of attempting to build my very first portable (NES to be pecific). I have gathered most of my parts but dont know much about getting a case for the build. If you know of any good cases I can cut or use please tell me. PS: Im using a PSone screen for the video so it...
  11. GlitchedFolx

    Question Building a wii portable

    Hey Everyone. Hope you are all having a great day. I was wondering if someone would be able to point me in the right direction of making a portable. I am new to the hard-modding scene and would like so assistance. I am very skeptical about just diving head first into it because I don't want to...