nintendo switch

  1. Ninji0n

    Discussion Pro Joycons using hall sensor Joysticks

    I heard about hall effect Joysticks and I was wondering if it would be possible to mod these: Joysticks, into a custom Joy con shell and onto the official Joycon Motherboard, Originally I was wondering about if it was possible to mod the split pad pros with the official Joy con parts, but I...
  2. RubesCode

    Worklog I'm building the Nintendo Switch U

    Hey all, I'm Ruby. About 10 months ago, while fixing the family gamepad, I thought it would be cool to stick a Switch in there. I didn't know if it was at all possible, but I kept it in mind. Here I am now, with part 1 of 3 complete on my Nintendo Switch U. Feel free to ask any questions! This...
  3. Lucascito_03

    Discussion Hori Split Pad Pro upgrade

    I have a Hori Split Pad Pro for the Nintendo Switch and I was wondering if I could mount the joycon motherboard and battery into it and route all the buttons to each other with solder. Is it possible to do that while keeping the turbo and assign features?
  4. LordZOOKOR

    Question Bluetooth N64 Controller

    So since the switch came out I've dreamed about having an N64 controller with full bluetooth capabilities to play on the switch. That being said, I have absolutely no experience with modding at all. After perusing a few threads on here I have three ideas of how to possibly go about this. 1...
  5. A_s6

    Question GC+ 2.0 for a Nintendo Switch controller

    Is it possible to use the GC+ 2.0 to build a switch controller? I was thinking that I could build a controller using it that connects wirelessly to the switch, but I'm not sure if it's possible.
  6. A_s6

    Question Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Spoofing

    I really don't know where else to put this because most things I see on Bitbuilt are hardware based, but I guess I'll just post it here. I have an Nvidia Shield Controller that's been lying around. I only have the included joycons for my switch, so I'd like to use the Nvidia controller on my...
  7. DeoNaught

    Switch lite~

    Howdy, I'm lookin for about $210 plus shipping, Comes with Zelda: links awakening, and a usb c cable to a cable
  8. DeoNaught

    Discussion (W.i.p) Nintendo-Switch-Mega-Thread

    NINTENDO SWITCH HOMEBREW MEGA THREAD I'm compiling a list of Nintendo switch resources, into one spot, for easy researching. This is very W.i.p, as you can tell by the title, so if you have any suggestions, or other stuff to put up here, tag me in the thread, or pm me, and i'll put it up here...
  9. Smaller Nintendo Switch??

    I was wondering is it possible to make a smaller Nintendo switch PS Vita sized? I imagine it will be a bit easier because its already portable.
  10. Fiskers1208

    Worklog the Wiitendo switch

    This thread will be my work log for my Wii portable. I am designing it to resemble the Nintendo switch, coming out on March 3rd, 2017. I am only going to start designing the case for the unit. I will also design the dock soon. hope you can stay up to date, so yeah. I won't update with pictures...
  11. MiseriesChild

    The Nintendo Switch... Thoughts?

    I know all the info hasn't been released about the new Nintendo Switch yet but haven't seen anyone mention it anywhere yet so I figured I would see what the community thinks. A portable/console system that is cartridge based again. Personally I'm not sure if it will be a success or a fail on...