1. nexor310

    Question Guide for trimming a PS1 (SCPH-5500)

    Does anyone know if there is a guide out there for trimming a SCPH-5500 PS1 or is the process essentially the same for each type? - Thanks in advance
  2. YveltalGriffin

    Worklog PS Hanami Worklog

    [This is a retroactive worklog for the PS1 portable I built for MGC 2023. I may have to double post a bit to document everything!] Last month, I was feeling burned out from working on so many complicated, difficult projects involving custom PCBs. What better way to get my groove back than some...
  3. Mister M


  4. cfc_12

    PS2P for Sale

    Hey guys! I have decided to sell a PS2p I have created. I was suppose to enter this for the 2021 BitBuilt contest, yet I have failed to finish it before the deadline. Well, I'm already done with it anyway and I'll just sell it to those who want :D Dimension: 13 x 13 x 4 cm Price: $300...
  5. Okiguess

    Question Another idea

    Has anyone made a ps3 portable yet? I like it’s library of games like portal , crash bandicoot and stuff. I know about ps1 and 2 portables but just wondering.
  6. Wesk

    Model PSone Console Scan

    PSone Console Scan Contains: PSone Console Lid Scan PSone Console Top Scan PSone Console Bottom Scan PSone Console Power Button Scan PSone Console Eject Button Scan Specs: These are high poly scans, average poly count per mesh is about 2,500,000 triangles. NOTE: 3D scans aren't...
  7. PoposPizza

    PS4 Portable?

    Now, I know that this is for "OLD" consoles, but I don't know if this is classified as old. I am planning to make a portable console of some kind, I was going back and forth between ps2 and wii, but then I sold my ps2, so I though I was going to make a wii portable, so I was researching the...
  8. Wesk

    Model PS1 Guncon Lightgun Scan

    PS1 Guncon Lightgun Scan Contains: PS1 Guncon Lightgun Left PS1 Guncon Lightgun Right Specs: These are high poly scans, average poly count per mesh is about 2,500,000 triangles. NOTE: 3D scans aren't perfect, if light cannot hit certain parts of the object then the scan will contain...
  9. Wesk

    Worklog PS1 Native VGA mod (15khz)

    I recently picked up a SCPH5502 model PS1 for the intention of pairing with a PSIO. As my main CRT only has composite or component video input I felt I was required to purchase the HD Retrovision component cables to get the best video quality. However the retrovision cables are quite pricey at...
  10. Wesk

    Model PS1 Analogue Controller Scan (SCPH-1200)

    PS1 Analogue Controller Scan Contains: PS1 Analogue Controller Front PS1 Analogue Controller Back Specs: These are high poly scans, average poly count per mesh is about 2,500,000 triangles. NOTE: 3D scans aren't perfect, if light cannot hit certain parts of the object then the scan...
  11. noycebru

    Release Playstation One Necklace portable

    Want a portable Playstation with a little bit of flair?? Well, the noycestation is your answer! It's a PsOne (smaller PlayStation 1) turned into a necklace! I made this to challenge myself in Fusion 360, and to incorporate WLEDs, ws2812b LEDs, and a d1 wemos esp8266 all in one project! Here...
  12. Wesk

    Model PS1 OEM Controller Scan

    PS1 OEM Controller Scan Contains: PS1 Controller Front PS1 Controller Back Specs: These are re-meshed versions of the original scans, they contain a lower poly count to be easier to work with but are virtually identical to the raw scans. Average poly count per mesh is about 600,000...
  13. MomSpaghetti

    The Playstation Shield!

    Hello everyone! I'd like to present to you my Playstation shield!(took a while to come up with that name) It's a Playstation 2 portable with the advanced trim and relocation! Here are the specs: Playstation 2 SCPH-79003 board advance trimmed. 5" VGA Screen with an option to switch to AV to...
  14. MomSpaghetti

    Worklog PSXp (A playstation 1 portable)

    Hello everyone, I've been using bitbuild for a long time to familiarize myself with the modding scene, i made a couple of projects before using raspberry pi before but decided not to make a big deal out of it since it's fairly common. lately I've been working on a playstation one portable since...
  15. Madmorda

    Worklog A Better Playstation Classic

    I recently picked up a Playstation Classic and fell in love with the tiny case. I checked out the ps1 motherboard and decided that it would be difficult to fit without some serious rewiring, so I deliberated between the PSP and the ps2 since an advanced trim ps2 motherboard would fit...
  16. Madmorda

    The Gearshift Contest Entry

    The Gearshift is meant to be a universal portable, allowing you to play just about any console on a handheld. It uses a wireless AV transmitter and receiver pair to send audio and composite video to the handheld from a home console. It features an integrated wireless ps2 controller and 5 inch...
  17. Mumble

    Discussion So PS4's games can apparently run off of USB's soon...

    So, in case you haven't heard, Sony tweeted not too long ago that there will be an update with USB's / External HDD's. If this is really a thing, and since we can already get a PS4 OS running on any HDD by just downloading it off there website...
  18. MiseriesChild

    Which Portable to make next...

    I need some help deciding which portable to make next so I figured I would reach out to all my fellow modders here to give me some guidance. :) I'm currently working trying to wrap up my first GameCube "Simi" Portable project but have already gotten the parts for some of my next endeavors. I...
  19. Fruity_Grebbles

    Mini USB keyboards - Great for portables

    Had a few of these laying around. They've been tested to work with several computers, and even my Wii. If anyone wanted to include a keyboard in their next portable, or maybe just have a pocket-sized one to keep with your handheld, these are your best bet.
  20. Blaze Fyah

    Raspberry PiStation

    Hey all. I finished my PiStation a few weeks ago. It has a Rpi2 inside with a Mausberry Circuit. Kept the original LED and Power switch from the PS1! What really helped was this tutorial...