1. Madmorda

    Silicone Molds for resin casting buttons

    Hello! I am taking a break from resin casting for a little bit, and figured I would offer up some of my molds in case anyone is interested. These molds were made with Alumilite, and were almost all cured in a pressure pot (maybe 2-3 individual pieces were not). I have listed individual prices...
  2. Wesk

    Model Switch Pro Controller Scan

    Switch Pro Controller Scan Contains: Switch Pro Controller Front Switch Pro Controller Back Switch Pro Controller Back Cover Switch Pro Controller Grip Specs: These are high poly scans, average poly count per mesh is about 2,500,000 triangles. NOTE: 3D scans aren't perfect, if light...
  3. kingderp2

    Question Help choosing mosfet for screen shutoff

    Hey everybody. So I want to use a mosfet to turn off my screen using the HPD pin on my HDMI-out port. Been looking into it for a while and still pretty confused on some of the terminology and what exactly I should be searching for on Digikey to find an appropriate mosfet to use. I've drawn up a...
  4. Benge

    Question OverBoost the Nintendo Switch

    I'm on a project of boosting a Switch to the max with upgraded cooling (so no temp issue B|). So I use a V2 (Mariko), since it consume and heat less and the GPU can theoretically go to higher clock than the V1 (Erista). I'm on latest FMW (16.0.0) and latest Atmosphere For OC I use...
  5. PoposPizza

    Question Having trouble connecting wavebird to switch with off brand adapter

    I bought a wavebird a while back so I could compete in my schools super smash bros team, and I am just now trying to set it up on the switch… the wired controllers work fine on my adapter but the wavebird isn’t. Any tips?
  6. Gingeysnep

    Wii portable discussion

    Hey guys I’m 18 and currently in the process of deciding the design I want to go for, (don’t fret, my uncle is helping me build it and has experience with modding). I have a few questions, firstly being, is it possible to grab all the components from a switch and use that. In other words can I...
  7. ruumoo

    'Nintendo Switch and Joycon Mesh Models

    The Nintendos JoyCon Color Configurator uses unprotected, unencrypted .obj files, which can be downloaded by anyone. They aren't very high poly, but may come in handy for someone If anyone wants to use them for rendering, the textures and .mtl files are also openly accessible via the inspector
  8. ruumoo

    Worklog ProCon Shells

    As many other, I bought a Switch to pass the time during lockdown but after a few day, the ergonomic problems of the joycons in portable mode really started to show. Then I got the idea to create some simple fix for them, that anyone could perform. After taking them apart, I quickly realized...
  9. CalebPikmin

    Yellow G-Boy

    This is the Yellow G-Boy! I did not build this but G-Man himself made it for me (later on with some more experience I will try it myself, but for now I really wanted to get my hands on one!). Thank you G-Man!!! I really like the yellow switch lite and wanted one just like it :)! Also I might...
  10. Worklog Magister's worklog - No Name Wii

    This is my worklog for my wii portable build project. I just placed an order for all my tools. So far, I have the 7 or 8" screen, driver board, hdmi splitter and hdmi adapter (i know, bad for power but as its my first time, ill give it a whirl), 6 layer wii (going to search for a 4 layer this...
  11. N95

    Middleweight SwitchCube

    I have an idea which I am sure many of you share, I would like a Switch lite that can actually be played in docked mode on TV. I would like to take a normal switch v2 and install it into a Switch lite sized ish uni-body. Also I thought that it could be amazing if the body's sides were shaped...
  12. DeoNaught

    Switch lite~

    Howdy, I'm lookin for about $210 plus shipping, Comes with Zelda: links awakening, and a usb c cable to a cable
  13. Dmcke5

    Worklog A Switch Lite Sized Raspberry Pi Portable

    Hi guys, thought I'd share my first project with you all. I've already finished the first iteration of this project but I will try and do this in a build log style so you can see some of my process before I start on some of the upgrades I've got planned. Late last year I was without a project...
  14. Diminuendo

    Worklog Haven't done a project in a while... SNES bluetooth controller Hori digital pad mod.

    I love my official SNES bluetooth controller for the switch and have enjoyed my various Knights - Hollow and Shovel - with it. Though, I can't help but find the lack of grips uncomfortable. Thankfully, Hori came up with a solution in the GameCube era; a SNES style controller with a more...
  15. Question Recommended Power Switch & Bypass

    I'm at the point of installing a master power switch for the portable. I was wondering what is recommend for a switch and whether it's ok to bypass/short the N64's power switch. I've attached an abstract of my current power routing plan. I am currently using a SPST toggle switch and just leave...
  16. Worklog First Wii Project

    I've been reading a lot of stuff on the site and lurking around a lot of the other worklogs of complete noobs like me while collecting parts and tweaking my design. But I've actually done some work on some things and I like feedback so, In the words of our favourite plumber, here we go... BOM...
  17. Madmorda

    WTS Resin Cast Custom Buttons and Joysticks

    Hello all! I've been resin casting buttons almost daily for the last year, and I'm selling off some of my old stock. All of these buttons will need some kind of work before they can be installed. This might be as simple as gently running a knife around the edges to clean them up, or it may...
  18. moonDoctor

    Discussion Well doggone, PowerA beat me to it

    https://www.powera.com/us/gamecube/ Here I was ready to start my worklog about my joycon/wavebird combo I've lovingly dubbed the JoyBird, and PowerA has beat me to the punch announcing this today: I'm excited that someone finally made a GCN wireless for us casuals (c'mon Nintendo, Wavebird 2)...
  19. Madmorda

    Gamecube Themed Joycons

    Just finished these puppies up this morning :D The face buttons are laser etched and resin cast, not painted, and the joystick caps are from a Gamecube controller. Here's my video on them. If you want to do your own joysticks, here's how I did mine. The silicon on the left joystick fits...
  20. GingerOfOz

    Nintendo Switch Joysticks on Other Consoles

    3DS sliders have been the norm for most Wii portables for just about forever, but understandably people have been searching for options more akin to standard joysticks for reasons of comfort. Nintendo Switch joysticks are an obvious source of interest because of their size, but up until...