1. Thomothy

    Discussion Trim designs

    Hi y’all! I was messing around with the Compendium and I decided to try and mark out my own trim markings. mainly because I wanted to keep the 4 screw holes but want to challenge myself with the trimming and relocation of LMAO and OMEGA trims. All the trims are octagons (even if I had to...
  2. YveltalGriffin

    Guide The Definitive Wii U Trimming Guide

    Preface The Definitive Wii U Trimming Guide only supports WUP-50 Wii U motherboards. WUP-50 motherboards consume much less power than earlier revisions, making them usable for portables. An addendum for earlier motherboard revisions may be released in the future. Thanks to recent discoveries...
  3. LCandell

    Solved Questions about trimming mobo

    Hey pals! Does anyone know if I can cut my mainboard trough these red lines and still be able to use the board without custom regulators? In case you couldn't see the board version, It's RVL-CPU-40
  4. ToxicBananaFish

    How should I trim my Wii in order to keep video, sensor bar, and Gamecube controller ports?

    I want to build a laptop that uses external controllers, but I want the ability to also plug it into a TV with a sensor bar as well. I plan on using RVL-PMS-2 if/when it's back in stock, but I'd like to know where exactly I should trim the board to keep all the ports except for the SD slot. I...
  5. Type-IV

    Question Trimming but Keeping the Bluetooth Connector Question

    I was wondering if this trim would be possible. I want to keep the Bluetooth connector so I don't have to try and solder to the very tiny contacts. Would I also be able to keep the sync button if I give it power and don't cut that area out?
  6. Solved Viable Additional Trim?

    I've been putting together a G-Wii, but including a memory card slot. However, I recently discovered that I can't fit the memory card slot in with the Wii as I currently have it trimmed. The area marked in black sharpie is what I would need to trim off to fit the slot. From what I can tell, I...
  7. IhYpGc

    Guide 6 layer Wifi and SD relocation points

    As I'm a newbie with trimming in general I though it be best to research and get a good grasp on the soldering/relocation points. Seeing as I couldn't find any easily find any posts on relocation points for 6 layer Wi-Fi, I stared at my board until I found some (I did continuity tests of...
  8. passerine

    Question First time trimming, have both a CPU-01 and CPU-40 revision Wiis

    Heya, quarantine got me bored asf and I grew up on the Wii/GC both so I'm interested in making a portable. Blame my utter daftness and idiocy for overlooking the warning not to use a SanDisk USB drive. Well, I was able to use it to install BBLoader, however it got stuck on "exitting" after...
  9. Xenon

    Solved did I break my trimmed Wii?

    I started the trim yesterday and haven't done anything besides the cut. While I was doing that a part of my motherboards traces on the edge got cut and I am not sure if it is necessary or unimportant. I will include a picture but I am not sure if I should start again or keep going. Any...
  10. Lucascito_03

    Discussion Consoles that I think should be trimmed

    I'm not an expert, so take this with a grain of salt. It would be cool if the following consoles could be trimmed: PS3 Super Slim: PS3 Slim: Xbox 360 S or E (E motherboard pictured) Wii U (Press X to doubt) Xbox One S (Distant Future) Xbox One X (Not Sure) PlayStation or PSone OG...
  11. DonutCat448

    Solved Following the Wii Trimming Guide

    Hello. When looking at the trimming guide, there are multiple things highlighted with the same color. Does this mean the wire can be attached anywhere highlighted in the color, or just a specific location? Thank you!
  12. DonutCat448

    Solved Relocating/Trimming 6-layer Documentation

    Hello, community. I have begun preparing my RVL-CPU-01 Wii motherboard for relocation and trimming, but I cannot find video/photo documentation showing what a successful 6-layer OM6 trim and Bluetooth/U10 relocation should look like. I've checked out both 'The Definitive Wii Trimming Guide' as...
  13. Question Can I get away with not trimming at all?

    Sounds like a dumb question. "Just follow the trimming guide. Stick with what works". I'm kinda just curious though, would it be feasible to make a portable with the full-size Wii board inside? It's not *that* huge, so if I didn't care about the size of the portable too much, would this be an...
  14. Omar Elsayed

    Question I never used portablizemii before, but can it still run discs?

    Also, is there a way to trim the Wii disc drive smaller and relocate it once the wii motherboard is trimmed?
  15. Omar Elsayed

    Question Trimming a gamecube disc drive/ connecting a gamecube disc drive to a wii

    Hello, I'm new to making portables and would like to make a portable gamecube (Using a Wii motherboard). I plan to use the SD slot for the wii to load games, but i also want the satisfaction and option of inserting a real gamecube disc. Is it possible for me to connect a gamecube disc drive to a...
  16. Scrunch

    Question Bluetooth & PortablizeMii

    Heyo, I was wonder what the deal is with Bluetooth relocation, as I would like to play Wii games on my first portable. But the Bluetooth relocation seems redundant if you could hypothetically insert a USB Bluetooth adapter and connect a Wii remote? Same goes for wifi... The only reason I don't...
  17. Nold

    Worklog Road to OMEGA [Smexy-/Meme-/Pic-heavy as f***]

    The discord addicted should already have seen a lot of those pics, but i wanted to share them for all ppl on BB :) Also i think it's the best i can do for celebrating my one-hundreds post in this community! Warning: Some of the shown mods are still in a Proof-Of-Concept, so don't try this at...
  18. Möyh Mäyh

    Worklog Möyh Mäyh's trim attempt

    Hello there. I registered just a moment ago. So, I bought a Wii to try OMGWTF on and will most likely turn it into a portable and some kind of dock with GC ports and stuff. Main goal here is ability to play GC games, but I'm planning to keep BT and wifi. Progress so far consists of a succesful...
  19. Nold

    Guide The Definitive DC Trimming Guide

    Introduction This guide and its graphics were created by me, to the best of my knowledge and certain. But without guarantee of correctness! (Even if everything has been tested by me)! So make sure that you know what you are doing, as I will not be responsible for any damage or harm you might do...
  20. Toaster912

    Solved Wii portable trimming

    Hi, how do I take out the GameCube ports when I am trimming? Is it really necessary to take it out when I do the OMGWTF trim for my 6 layer board? Thanks