BitBuilt's First Building Competition - The Results


Jan 16, 2016
The World Wide Web
18 eager contestants went in, only three came out. The three contest winners are as follows:

1st Place - Gman

2nd Place - JacksonS

3rd Place - Aurelio

As this contest comes to a close, I'd like to personally thank everyone who entered. It's been quite the ride watching all of you work on your projects. Even though not everyone finished, it's still awesome to see that the community has so much drive to come together and participate in an event such as this.

Being the first of hopefully many contests to come, this one will always be looked upon as not only the first of the site, but also the first portablizing contest ever in which Wiis were able to be entered as fully portable handheld units. I'd like to thank everyone who took part in making all of this possible. From PortablizeMii to the original Wii compendium, everyone who has contributed to the creation of Wii portables has my eternal gratitude.

If you missed your shot this time around then have no fear. We are in the beginning stages of looking into the next contest. More to be announced in the coming months!

Thanks and great job to all,
Noah and the BitBuilt Staff