Project Spotlight: N64 Minii by robertlong13


Robertlong13 demonstrates his CAD prowess with his latest project: The N64 Minii. Nintendo might not be delivering us an N64 Classic Edition, but that didn’t stop robertlong13 from taking it in his own hands.


The sleek, tiny, and curvy console looks like a 1:1 scaled down N64 console but with an upgraded way to play games using a trimmed down Wii motherboard. Powered by the Wii, he can play his favorite 21 N64 games on the Virtual Console and obviously remain compatible with GC and Wii games.

The N64 Minii also features beautifully done wiring and a custom power regulator board that he made opensource


The finishing details of the painted controller ports, keeping the iconic red power led, and the n64 logo really take this build to the next level.

You can read more about the N64 Minii in the worklog and finished thread. We’re looking forward to seeing what robertlong13 has planned next!