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I'm the scanman
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Jul 12, 2017
Queensland, Australia
I've been asked by many people now to get scans of certain objects, so as a community service I'm going to scan requested objects for free!...

...with caveats..

1) If I already own the item I'll likely get to it eventually. Scanning takes time.

2) If I don't own the item I will try to find one that can be purchased cheap online as it doesn't need to work but the case should be in good condition, it'll be up to you whether you want to transfer the money (via Paypal) for me to purchase it.

(I don't have a PO Box and I'm not going to dox myself to random internet people)

3) Anything I scan will be made public, don't expect me to do "private" scans.

4) If I feel that something is unrealistic to scan I will decline (Large objects can be very difficult to scan which can also affect the accuracy of the scan)

I will look for non-working items as if they are transparent or a dark colour I need to spray paint them to get accurate scans. I feel bad destroying perfectly working items.

If you're happy with the criteria and have something you want scanned, send me a DM on bitbuilt or discord.
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