You’ve Got a Friend In Nold’s WooDii – 3rd Place in the 2018 Contest



Nold joined the forums last year and started off by posting a beautiful, tiny portable GameCube he’d made. From there, he tackled the N64 and built a sweet N64 portable. After that, he moved onto the Dreamcast and put more effort into trimming and portablizing the Dreamcast than anyone before him. What was left for Nold? The Nintendo Wii of course, and Nold wasn’t willing to stick with the basics, no sir! Nold decided that he wanted to start out by seeing how far he could trim the Wii motherboard down. Now, this is something we see a lot. Somebody with no electronics experience will come along, try to perform some crazy untested trim, fail, become discouraged, and leave. It’s a perfect formula with a single exception: Nold. Nold paced himself and started with the OMGWTF trim, hopped on a NAND bend, then reloacted the entire NAND without a breakout board, and then decided to go all out with the OMEGA trim: a trim only done by ShockSlayer himself. Nold pulled it off though, and the thread detailing his trim progress is a testament to his soldering abilities and a really awesome thread to look through. From there, it was time to put one of his various trims into a portable. Welcome to the WooDii, 3rd place portable in the 2018 contest.


It’s a gorgeous device. The two tones of earthy wood and black create a really stunning exterior.


The WooDii also has what is probably the sexiest fan vent ever.


Nold is also extremely talented when it comes to internal wiring. Keeping everything neat is a difficult task, and the anticipation of having a finished portable to play on never helps. Nold was able to stay patient and give his portable stunning internals, a common feature of all his portables.


A close up of that sweet sweet controller wiring. Note the arches used to run wires through. Nold is a man with a plan.


Here’s the trim he used with the regulators and cooling system mounted on. Nold says that the only reason he used an LMAO trim rather than an OMGWTF was that he had already trimmed all his Wiis down to LMAO size. Weird flex, but OK.

This portable is pretty strong features wise. Here’s a list:

  • Single port charge and play
  • Bluetooth to play Wii games
  • Nintendo Switch joysticks and 3DS buttons for a comfortable layout
  • 5 inch screen
  • 3+ hours of battery life
Here’s a video of the final product: