1. Mc moron mods

    Question Joysticks

    What do I use for joysticks? Do I need a custom PCB or what.
  2. Wesk

    Model Resin Printable Xbox Duke Joysticks

    The original Xbox "Duke" controller never got replacement or after-market joysticks, so I 3D scanned the joysticks and created new ones from scratch using the scans as a reference. These models aren't exactly identical to the originals but they are close enough that 99% of people will be happy...
  3. Madmorda

    Question Using 3ds slider for a gameboy?

    So I'm wondering if it's possible to take a joystick and use it as a d-pad. I want to use a 3ds slider for a joystick in place of the d-pad on a gameboy advance. I found a thread in the Guides section on something similar, but from looking at the diagram, it seems to be the opposite of what I...
  4. Kanelot

    Solved C stick axis flipped and decreased sensitivity? (Maybe GC+)

    Hello all, Today I was wiring up my controls to my new GC+ board and found, to my great surprise, that while everything else works like a charm my C-stick appears to have the X and Y axis flipped, both with very decreased sensitivity. I followed the gamecube joystick pinout for my wiring and...