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BitBuilt at MGC 2021 And Celebrating 5+ Years of BitBuilt

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BitBuilt @ MGC 2019
@cheese, @CrashBash, and many others from the BB crew will be attending the Midwest Gaming Classic convention! Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 5-7 the event is bound to be blast. Located nearby? Come on by and visit the BitBuilt Experience room and meet your fellow modding enthusiasts, see some of our member's projects in the flesh, hang out, and enjoy the convention!
More details regarding the convention can be found at its site: We look forward to seeing those who can attend in November!

To celebrate this event, and a belated celebration of OVER 5 YEARS (5½ now!) of both BitBuilt and the the definitive Wii trimming guide...

UltraWii Sakura: A Thing of Utter Beauty - by YveltalGriffin

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The UltraWii: A compact, beautiful, sakura pink custom engineering marvel designed by YveltalGriffin. April 2021.
Article: By StonedEdge

YveltalGriffin has been around the forums for a few years now and has recently completed his marvel of a Wii portable - dubbed the "UltraWii Sakura" after making several marked improvements on his previous version. Arguably one of the smallest portables we have seen in recent times, the UltraWii Sakura packs all of the great features you would expect to see in any modern Wii portable. With 4 18650 lithium ion batteries to boot, it provides the customized Wii portable with over 4 hours of ultimate gaming fun on the go that can fit in your back pocket. It's not just the outsides that we're impressed with - of course, this portable is a work of art to say the least - in all areas of...

BitBuilt 2020: A Year in Review

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BitBuilt 2020
The Yearly Recap
The year that now was. 2020 was full of surprises for everyone, with the global pandemic of COVID-19 impacting our lives in unprecedented ways. MGC 2020, originally scheduled for April this year was cancelled last minute and unfortunately, a lot of BitBuilt members' projects were not able to be showcased at the exhibition.

Luckily, we have the internet, and instead of MGC, the BitBuilt staff thought it would take the opportunity to showcase some of the great projects that were put together by our members. Let us be honest here. 2020 was a year that we hope we don't have to go through again. Despite the fact, 2020 brought with it a lot of opportunity for portablizers to capitalize on the work from home schedules and showcase their true talents. Time was now on our side, and it sure did show through. We had a huge number of...

Project Spotlight: Switch Lite Raspberry Pi Portable by Dmcke5

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It is not often here on the BitBuilt forums that we like to hear the word “emulation” being used to describe fully portable gaming consoles. However, we thought we could make an exception for the opportunity to display the incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail by Dmcke5 in his latest project – the Switch Lite Raspberry Pi portable.

Dmcke5 joined the BitBuilt forums in late February of 2020. The way in which portable cases have been printed has transformed over the years in the modding scene, with the meta continuing to be challenged on a regular basis. 10 years ago, portable cases were frankencased out of whatever spare parts you had lying around in your garage. This was obviously very time consuming, messy and required a lot more precise measurements to cut holes and add features entirely by hand. Vacuum forming also came along as a popular alternative to mold thermal plastics...