1. Mc moron mods

    Question portables that use OMEGA trims

    What portables use the OMEGA mobo trim?
  2. Wesk

    Worklog Final Destination Omega Trim

    So since the GC Nano project went into effect @CrazyGadget and I were working on more Omega trims than we've ever done before, this led me down a path of morbid curiosity to answer the question: "How small can the Omega trim actually be?" I spent a bit of time looking over the compendium and...
  3. Wesk

    GC Nano - The Worlds Smallest Gamecube

    GC Nano - The Worlds Smallest Gamecube A CrazyGadget and Wesk collaboration project 4K, fullscreen and headphones plzkthx The back story: After presenting the idea of a GC Nano to the community back in early 2021 there was one man *crazy* enough to take up the challenge of the...
  4. Nold

    GCii Pocket

    After only 17 days[!] development & build time, my GCii Pocket is finally finished! So this are the planed final specs: - Near OMEGA Trimmed Wii [NAND & AVE Relocation] - 3.5" IPS LCD using tasty VGA - 1s2p 18650 via RVL PMS - little over 2h battery life - Audio via crippled but WiiHUD...
  5. Nold

    Worklog Road to OMEGA [Smexy-/Meme-/Pic-heavy as f***]

    The discord addicted should already have seen a lot of those pics, but i wanted to share them for all ppl on BB :) Also i think it's the best i can do for celebrating my one-hundreds post in this community! Warning: Some of the shown mods are still in a Proof-Of-Concept, so don't try this at...