1. SartoZ

    Worklog Ashida build, 0 electronics knowledge, help much appreciated

    Hello everyone I'm trying to build an Ashida learning electronics and soldering from scrap in the process, encouraged from the titanic work of you guys in making this project as simple and clear as possible even to a total noob like me. I already trimmed the mobo and tested the resistances...

    Questions about softmodding a Dreamcast for ISO/disc image usage

    I just bought a Dreamcast, and while using consoles as they were originally intended is always my preferred way to play, I've been thinking about modding it due to the high price of games. So, I have some questions. What exactly is getting changed, and what's the basic way to go about a mod...
  3. meepledemeep

    Worklog The CheWii

    Yay I’m making a portable, here I will ask my many questions along my journey.
  4. Jonut521

    Discussion GameCube Portable: Add Battery Voltage

    (Sorry to remove all context from this thread but coming back to this forum, to put it simply... I'm embarrassed to leave such a stupid question up, especially with the backlash it got. Start fresh and all that).
  5. Fued Majul Ramírez

    Question Questions about my firts portable

    Hello everybody, this is my first thread, its about some questions regarding to what kind of electronics i must to use compared to the actually that i buy on my country (México) cuz i cant find some that is published here, also i got some questions about how to trim my wii MB, cuz i want to...
  6. Slapofdoom

    Question Portablizemii on a SD?

    Is it possible to run portablizemii on a SD instead of a USB? I'm trying a project and i was hoping to make it decently slim, so I wanted to make most of the stuff (besides Wii games) run off of an SD card.
  7. TheGreenPowerRanger

    Considering starting a n64 portable. Have a few questions and concerns.

    Ive always wanted to own an actual portable n64 and Its been a 5+ year dream of mine to build my own. With that said I never started it because I was afraid I would kill something but I realize I’ll never achieve my goal if I dont start. I have been slowly acquiring parts for cheap and think im...