Worklog Gameboy Macro Pro

Senor Avocado

2022 2nd Place Winner
Jun 28, 2017

My project for the Summer 2024 competition is going to be the Ultimate Gameboy Macro. I wanted it to be as if all the switch like features were available for the Gameboy Advance, one of my childhood consoles that I spent quite a bit of time with. The bones of it will be this beat up DS Lite. Below is what I am trying to achieve:

Design Goals:
  • Custom shell
    • Will have indents on either side of usbc port and big grove directly in the middle behind the port to help with aligning with the dock
    • Resin Printed in Black
  • Has all ABXY buttons
  • Utilizes original light pipe that is sanded down
  • Has touch screen digitzer
  • Original Charging port will be sealed off
    • In its place Will use Sleep magnetic IC to trigger dock mode, will have magnet in dock, ic inside Macro
  • Will have 3 way button PCB in stylus:
    • Press down is manual screen swap
    • Press in is sleep (only in ds mode)
    • Pull out is Bluetooth connect, can wire it if it is a long hold it turns on and off the Bluetooth module
  • Mono Speaker with Helder Amp and Speaker
    • In top left
  • Has microphone on front bottom right (next to start and select buttons)
    • Will be embedded in bottom right corner of faceplate, connected with glue
  • Also still has wifi antenne
    • Will be embedded in bottom left corner of faceplate, kept in place with glue
  • Have Bluetooth audio board
    • Will sit under WIFI board, make sure you cut off shielding to make room, isolate with Kapton. Antenna will be towards top of board
  • Custom PCB that will sit where Slot 1 used to be
    • Uses active DAC and amplifier to generate composite signal
    • USB-C Jack PD compliant
      • Will have charging
      • audio pass through to dock
      • video pass through to dock,
      • snes controller data lines
    • Use Attiny 85 to switch screen automatically, turn on and off headphones when appropriate jack is plugged in, provide delay of video on to avoid popping
    • Have snes gamepad controller board sitting on top of custom board
    • Keep DS cartridge slot 1 by cutting out slot, but hardwiring 128 in 1 flash cart
      • Will sit on top of board, the sd slot will be available in the top too
  • Will use Sleep magnetic IC to trigger dock mode, will have magnet in dock, ic inside Macro
  • Will have a dock
    • that converts composite to HMDI
    • and be able to connect to wireless or wired SNES gamepad
    • powered via usb-c 5v 3amp supply
    • uses usb-c as connector
    • will use pen springs to help with plugging in and taking out
    • will have window in top of dock to allow screen to act as indicator light
We will see how it goes! It feels ambitious but I work well under deadlines haha
May 14, 2023
That is one impressive project! Really exited for the docking and stylus part