1. nmPicard

    Question PMS-PD 3

    On 4Layer tech, the PMS-PD 3 is out of stock. is there going to be a new model shortly, and if not, do we know if the stock will get replenished soon?
  2. Bubberiffic

    Solved RVL-PMS Lite vs. RVL-PMS-2

    The RVL-PMS-2 just restocked on 4layertech, but before that I was just going to go with the RVL-PMS-Lite, I don't care about perfect battery life indication and the one with voltage is fine for me on the Lite version. The only other thing is the LDO on the Wii would be used instead; how...
  3. Question Building a Portable Wii : 4Layer's PCB Shortage

    I'm a huge fan of electronic projects and I really would like to do my own portable Wii. I own a 3D printer and have some skill in 3D modeling, printing, soldering, PCB conception... I've started to search for more information about how the motheboard trimming works, what components would I...
  4. Dustin Fisher

    Question GC+ Data Line Stuck at 3.3v

    Hey all, I have been looking around the forum for quite a while now looking for a solution but unfortunately, I haven't had any luck so far. I have been working on a modified version of the Gboy for the past couple of weeks and I just got around to installing my GC+ 2.0 and hooking controls...
  5. Chickacruh

    Worklog Wiiclpise

    My first Wii Portable of my design. Like the ashida, it is designed around 4layer tech boards. I'm calling it the Wiiclipse because I want it to be all black, like an eclipse (and puns are fun). My goal for this design was to make something minimal yet classy. I even made my own logo: I've...
  6. CalebPikmin

    Worklog Black Ashida

    Starting my Ashida worklog. Here we go! Huge thank you to @Wesk for creating such a cool portable design! And thank you to @Gman for printing again for me! And of course 4layertech for the PCBs! You guys rock. Original Thread from Wesk...