wii portable

  1. Enderzt

    Question Ashida case color opinions

    I know it's a pretty subjective thing but I was looking for some thoughts on potential Ashida color schemes. I have ordered most of the parts to begin the build outside of the shell which I am still undecided on. I do plan to buying a good quality resin print from either PCBway or Craftcloud...
  2. Zelda Themed Wii Portable(Shiikah)

    Ok! I had an idea last night, and i have no idea whether or not this is a good idea, and so i am posting it here to see how everyone else feels about a portable like this. The Legend of Zelda is one of my favorite game series. And so i have decided that for my first project, i am hopefully going...
  3. Bubberiffic

    My Finished Ashida

    Here’s my finished Ashida! After giving up on this project last August, I persevered to complete it! Special thanks to CrazyGadget for helping me with VGA & other issues last year, and for encouraging me to finish! The case is 3D printed on an FDM printer and I sanded, filled, and painted it...
  4. Question Total newbie here! I'm interested in getting into Wii portables.

    Trying to get into this scene so late, it's probably no surprise that I'm very overwhelmed so I would appreciate if some veterans could help me get started. Firstly, which portable would be a good starting project? I've been interested in the G-Boy and Ashida but don't know which one to start...
  5. GroovyMusicMan

    Question buying pcb's for the ashida

    I have these added to the cart. I read the description under the pcb's to try and understand what each one does, but I feel like some of the pieces (ie the replacement heat monitor L chip) are redundant, and I don't really wanna waste money, so is this all I need to make the ashida work? (I have...
  6. harutoch

    Worklog AWiiDA, my first wii portable (wii-themed ashida)

    I've ordered all the parts except for the 4layertech stuff as i have to make sure i got enough money before getting it. My vision is a wii-themed ashida, and i made a decal to put on the back (attached). I also made a Pikmin RVLoader theme if you're interested in it. I've wanted to make a wii...
  7. harutoch

    Question Help with making a portable

    Hi, I'm currently thinking of making a wii portable. I'm getting a job soon (under 18), so I plan to save up about $600 to make a portable. I have no knowledge in making a portable, but I am willing to learn. I'm attempting to make a Louii as I love the design of it. do I have to buy custom...
  8. ToxicBananaFish

    Worklog G-Flip (Wii Portable)

    I want to make something like a Nintendo Switch, but as a Wii Portable. When I say "something like a Nintendo Switch," I'm not referring to the way it looks or feels. I'm referring to the ability to "dock" it for external TV output and support for external GC controllers. I hope for my portable...
  9. Dozzi

    Question Tips for beginners working on Wii motherboards

    I’m starting my first wii portable (The Ashida) and I’ve looked through the guide a bit on trimming the wii motherboard. (which arrives in a few days) Any tips for beginners or any specific videos in the electronics 101 collection that would be useful. Since I’m a total newbie when it comes to...
  10. Revine

    Worklog My First Portable (Louii)

    For the last few weeks, I've gotten really interested in making a Portable Wii, and after a bit of time, I have accumulated to what I think is all of the parts and tools that I would need for a Portable Wii, including the boards from 4LayerTech and the Custom PCBs. I have decided to go for a...
  11. Revine

    Solved Louii Case Print

    Would Anyone be willing to 3D Print and ship me a Louii Case? I know PCBWay and JLCPCB are favorited but JLCPCB can't print the custom buttons that the Louii has, and PCBWay is a bit too expensive for my budget (around $60 minus shipping). As this is my first portable, I don't need something...
  12. Dozzi

    Ashida Wii Portable

    I have a question as I am currently planning everything out as a beginner to build the Ashida Wii Portable. I am wondering where to get the shell 3d printed for good quality and extra tools I may need besides the essentials. I have a $750 budget for everything (I'm willing to spend some more on...
  13. benefits8516

    Question Where can I find a good 3.5 inch screen?

    I would like to build a portable and I would like to use a 3.5 inch screen, but I don’t know which one to use. I’ve been looking through old threads but I can’t find an obvious answer. I would really appreciate the help.
  14. Question Why is the colors on vga mode off

    I wired just as pictured in the trim guide. Get vga out but the colors are off. Any help would be very very very appreciated
  15. Skribl07

    Question Has anyone done a portable wii in the body of a DS or 3DS?

    I have been wondering about this for a while and finally decided to post something about it, from looking stuff up on Google and YouTube I couldn't find anything, if anyone has any information about this could you post it here. Thank You!
  16. Frogfreak

    Question Anybody know of any 6-6.2 inch Screens with VGA (or AV).

    As the title makes obvious, i need a 6 to 6.2 inch (preferably good quality) screen for my upcoming first wii portable. so, that's the size i'm going for, but i need that kind of connection, and hopefully, not too expensive, ($50 or less hopefully). Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
  17. Type-IV

    Question Wii Portable Question

    I have a question about the wiring/powering of a Wii motherboard. I created a Wii portable a while ago and now the video output is messed up. The Wii now only shows a black screen when booted up. This has happened with the last two or three times trying to create my portable after a couple of...
  18. Solved Connecting RVL PMS 2 to USB-C PD 1?

    I recently bought the RVL PMS 2 because I managed to ruin my PMS 1. I'm using the old USB-C PD because I already had it and heard that they should work together. However, some of the connection names differ between the two versions, so I want to make sure I know what I should be connecting to...
  19. Dig Dug


    I don't know if this is the right place to post this but here it goes. Is their anyway to tell if the motherboard is 4 or 6 layer by the model number? I read somewhere that the RVL-101 is usually 4 layer but I am not sure if this is correct. I know that the RVL-001that I have is a 6 layer, but I...
  20. Mark the Pig

    Hello! I am a new member and I have some questions.

    Hello, So as you can probably tell I am a new member (just joined today). I am very interested in building a Wii portable of my own design over the summer. However, I also really don't want to be in over my head and have this be a complete failure. I do have some prior experience as this last...