1. CalebPikmin

    G-Wii Yellow *Pikmin Edition

    G-Wii Yellow *Pikmin Edition! Introducing the G-Wii Yellow (Pikmin Edition)! I am not an expert on any of this but after lurking on the forums forever; I finally decided to start a Wii portable project! I loved the G-Wii design and thought I would give it a shot! Huge thank you to @Gman...
  2. CalebPikmin

    Yellow G-Boy

    This is the Yellow G-Boy! I did not build this but G-Man himself made it for me (later on with some more experience I will try it myself, but for now I really wanted to get my hands on one!). Thank you G-Man!!! I really like the yellow switch lite and wanted one just like it :)! Also I might...