Release 2 DK Bongos → 1 rad Dance Pad

Aug 13, 2020
This was fun… I used JonnyHaystack/joybus-pio to build a Dance Pad-like controller out of two DK Bongos.

Rest assured: no DK Bongos were harmed in the making of this project! Both plug directly into ports in a bender box. They are hosted by a Raspberry Pi Pico, which converts their signals into something that would look reasonable coming from a Dance Pad. A separate IO core on the Pico then sends the modified signals to the GameCube console.


To avoid problems from scan latency, I cache relevant Bongo state after each scan and relay updates between the IO cores, using the Pico's hardware FIFO queue.


I use the DK Bongos' own buttons for A & B, and the white button you see on the box for Start.

If I ever need to press Z, I have to plug in a GameCube controller. ;)


I use it to play Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix, but it has not improved my score much!

The individual wires in the extension cable that plugs into the GameCube are extremely fine and proved difficult to work with. It was also increasingly nerve-wracking drilling into the thin walls of the enclosure to install screws, the button, etc. Securing the host ports also involved a lot of trial and error.

I have put my code on github in case anybody wants to build their own, or construct something similar.

Eventually, I'd like to construct some kind of a harness to keep the Bongos fixed in their diamond layout.