4th Ashida complete!

Jan 4, 2023
This is a build for a close friend of mine that brought me great memories of SSBM/SSBU while I served in a student status at the US Naval Submarine school.

This build only features the optional MX Chip relocation but I felt like I did an okay job relocating it without covering up any essential wires for troubleshooting purposes later on should it get damaged and need repair.

Unfortunately I didn't have the foresight to buy a screen control board from CrazyGadget, but it can always be added in the future if my friend wants it.

Special shoutouts to Wesk for the Ashida design and members of the 4layertech team for making the Wii portable such an accessible hardware mod!

Some pics from the build process below, and I hope he enjoys using it as much as I enjoyed building it for him!