Ashen's Alternative to RCP Wiring


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Jan 28, 2016
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So I came up with this idea a while back after not having much luck at all with RCP relocation. My new method was also further tested at MRTN and since then I've also taken it a step further. Pretty much makes RCP relocation a thing of the past unless you really need that extra 2-4mm. Its almost so simple its silly, and I really can't believe no one's ever thought of it until now.

See what I did thar?

180 Degree Bend

90 Degree Bend

Both of the above boards work perfectly, SS also has a board that we bent to 90 degrees at MRTN. The only thing you need to reconnect are the 3.3v traces to the cart slot.

Trim your board how you want it. Score the back of the PCB with a razor blade until you're roughly halfway through (I made 10-15 passes with my blade putting moderate pressure on the board as I swiped) and then CAREFULLY snap the remaining PCB forward and bend to your desired position. Epoxy/Hot glue it in place.

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