Ashida Cookies and Criim

Sep 30, 2021
The Cookies and Criim


Starting out, I want to give a shoutout to @Wesk seeing as he designed the project. Great job my dude and thanks for all the pointers and help for the entirety of this journey.

Wesk's Ashida thread can be found here:

This wasn't originally supposed to be themed as cookies and cream but rather just that I thought it would be a cool color combo, like the yin and yang, or the keys of a piano. It wasn't until I got the case that I realized how much it looked like white chocolate or some other creamy candy, which can be seen really well in these pictures:


Of course we can't go without thanking @Shank @Gman and @Aurelio and many others for all of the hard work put into creating the amazing boards, software, and documenting the Wii so thoroughly that make this as accessible as it is. It really makes the end result feel like a finished, marketable product rather than a janky side project. It's so cool the amount of people that ask me "what that thing is" and then seeing their amazement when I tell them it's a Wii.

4Layer is also one of the best things to grace the portabalizing community - I'm amazed at how fast they are able to get everything shipped out. Truly masters of their craft.

My original worklog can be found here:
(My questions, answers, struggles, and solutions can be found here)

  • A beautiful resin printed case from PCBWay (Somos Ledo white, with #1000 sanding)
  • OMGWTF (Basic) trim
  • 5 inch display
  • 2 speakers and headphone jack
  • Organic GameCube controller shape and feel, with buttons from this seller:
  • GC+2, PMS-PD2, RVL-NTC, RVL-PMS-2, U-Amp 2, and the Custom Ashida boards to go with them
  • Charge indicator LED

I fell it necessary to shout out a few more people, as they have been huge inspiration and help for me whether they knew it or not when I felt like I wasn't making progress and also pointing out tips in their own worklogs. @CalebPikmin @PiR8_BTY and @SparkleBear come immediately to mind. Their work is beautiful and their worklogs and questions are super helpful. Again, whether you realized it or not, I wouldn't have been able to do it without you guys.

And thanks to everyone for making such an awesome community! It's great to come and sit on the forums for a while and see all the cool projects everyone is working on, whether it be electronic or not. I have to echo CalebPikmin in saying it's great to be a part of this internet family!

Now for the nudes (don't crucify me, only in my dreams could I aspire to be as good as SparkleBear)


Oh, and I guess I can now post this here without fear of being absolutely destroyed (lol) I hope to fix this one someday given its horribly disastrous state, but here are the innards of my original Ashida. I'm proud to say I've come a long way in a short time. Sorry in advance to anyone with a weak stomach.




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Jan 31, 2016
This came out great! It looks delicious.

The contrast between the internals of your 2 Ashidas is striking. It's a huge improvement, and you should be very proud!