Mini Air Hockey Table


Basement Owner
Apr 5, 2016

Hey guys! So yeah, I understand this isn't a portable console by any stretch of the imagination. But it is one that @CrashBash and I have been working on for the better part of 2 years. Well, one year of actual work anyway as my move kind of put the project on hold for most of 2023.

That said though, this is a fully functional and about 1/8th size Air Hockey table. On top of this it also has a full RGB LED back-lit play surface that is controlled by an old Raspberry Pi, through both Hyperion and a composite capture card for a very wide range of lighting effects.

The whole project was designed from scratch and 3D modeled in Solidworks.

All the custom components were either 3D printed or CNC machined and all the coding and custom UI was done up by CrashBash.

I know this is kind of a weak description, but the video explains most of the project in detail. I'm off to do Christmas Eve stuff now, but just wanted to share!

Merry Christmas Everyone!