Question Questions about making a wii portable and other stuff

Apr 8, 2020
1. Any good guide on making analog shoulder button presses?
2. My order is still awaiting fulfillment, but I want to add more stuff. Can I add it to my current order so I won't have to pay for shipping twice?
3. Does portablizemii replace the wii menu? Or can i go back to the wii menu if I want?
4. The following list is a list of everything I think I need to make a wii portable. Am I missing something?
-SD card
-Tactile buttons + any buttons + any analog sticks + button contact board
-Audio amp pcb
-Headphone jack + speakers
-micro usb battery charging protection board
-Battery management system / power regulation board (I don't know the difference)
-Housing shell
-TFT LCD screen
-Fan + copper cooling plate
-Gamecube controller?
5. If I relocate the memory card on a portable wii and use portablizemii, will it save virtually on an SD card, or on the memory card?
6. Am I allowed to copy the RVL-PMS, recreate it in autodesk eagle and print it? Would I still be allowed to compete?
7. Off topic, but do Nintendo switch and Nintendo switch lite have the same motherboard?
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