Sega Nomad-style DPad for DualSense/DualShock 4

Mar 16, 2024

Bottom half:
Top half:

I'm licensing these under CC-BY-NC (attribution and non-commercial). I don't recommend distributing them as-is, due to the incompleteness of the models, but if distributing, attribution must also be given to maxjenius, RetroGameRevival, and ToppestOfDogs.

This is basically my first CAD project, so the models have some bugs, such as some inverted normals and holes that I'm not too sure how to fix. I'm labeling these as version 0.2. I'd recommend printing both of these on their sides unless using a resin printer (which I don't have). Should be compatible with the DualShock 4 and DualSense (all revisions of both). I only tested on a BDM-030 DualSense.

The diagonals had to be trimmed off due to interference with the left joystick. No modification of the shell is necessary; simply replace the stock DPad with this one.

Original models which I based this project on:
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