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Feb 19, 2023
Hello all,

I had this concept in my head for a while and finally found a good tech-savvy community to bounce ideas/questions off of. The Wii essentially has an an entire Gamecube inside of it, and with the controller and memory ports, it can do ALMOST anything a Gamecube can. Except use of the Gameboy Player and LAN/Modem adapter. I wanted to ask how feasible it would be to make a custom case and wire them up (may need to add in a custom PCB somewhere) to enable use of these add-ons. Ideally with these goals in mind:

1) Use the Gameboy Player add-on with a Wii.
2) Homebrew'd Wiis can run the GBPlayer Disc ISO, since the physical disc is hard to get.
3) Use the LAN/Modem add-on with a Wii (not just a USB-Ethernet adapter tucked in, I want GC disc games like Kirby Air Ride and PSO to use it on unhomebrew'd Wiis).
4) If possible, use the LAN adapter add-on as an Ethernet connection while in Wii mode as well (this would certainly need custom PCB wizardry).
5) Gameboy Player and LAN/Modem adapter can be removed at will, as can be done with a Gamecube (may need to salvage connectors from a donor Gamecube).

An alternate version could have everything internalized:
1) An internal LAN adapter for Gamecube mode
2) An internal USB-Ethernet connector for Wii mode
3) An internal network switch with ports accessible from the outside
4) Maybe a USB splitter since the USB-Ethernet adapter would take one up.
That way the console only needs 1 Ethernet connection AND you could plug in other Gamecubes w/ Broadband adapters for LAN play using the built-in network switch in the console. No fussing with crossover cables or external equipment.

Let me know your thoughts!


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Feb 5, 2017
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I'm afraid almost none of what you've asked for is possible. The Wii does not support, and cannot emulate any of the Gamecube serial expansion port devices. The Wii is able to run Gamecube games due to it using more powerful hardware of the same basic CPU/GPU achitecture. It basically emulates the Gamecube by downclocking and running a modified system firmware, like the later PS2 models after Sony ditched having PS1 hardware onboard. Aside from devices that plug into the controller and memory card ports like the GBA link cables and Gamecube microphone, none of what is required to utilise external GC hardware is physically present on the Wii.

USB splitters/hubs have issues on the Wii as well, since the system is only capable of accessing one USB device at a time, which will be the hub itself, not what is connected to the hub. Many people have worked on this problem for the last 15 years to no result, I'm afraid it's just not going to happen. Dolphin can emulate the Gamecube LAN adapter, but that's only because modern processing hardware has enough headroom to do it. The Wii is just too old for that