WTB Non-Functional Wii Trims


Crazy Helpful, CrazyGadget
Jun 6, 2020
Hello! As many people here know, I have a soft spot for buying broken things and trying to make them work again. Being very active here on the forums and in the Discord server, I've seen a lot of Wii trims gone bad - sliced NAND traces, gouges around the board leading to shorts, etc... In any case, I know there are many non-working trims out there that are in a box or drawer somewhere, left cold, shivering, and desperate for a second chance.

For those reasons, I would like to offer to buy these kinds of trims. Note that I am looking for trims where all the important components themselves (CPU, GPU, RAM, NAND, AVE) are still in-tact, where everything worked before trimming and now does not work after trimming.

Please understand that, since I can get a good, working Wii for $20 shipped on eBay, I can't offer much for these. Since most of these trims are left for dead anyway, I would be happy to cover the cost of shipping, but am not looking to go much higher than that.

If you have any dead trims that you think could be revived, please PM me and maybe we can work something out!